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Double Ended Lanyards

Double ended lanyards are exactly that, lanyard cords, which have two separate ends. This simple change in the basic structure permits you to carry items that you may not have been able to if you were wearing the traditional lanyard. Additionally, this type of cord can replace the strap of almost any product that you would carry around your neck. For example, you could carry a pair of binoculars on a double ended cord or even large camera.
Listed below are a number of reasons why you might want to use double ended lanyards:
Lanyard Color and Styles
These cords can be obtained in either the flat or tubular style. They can also be made of many different kinds of materials. It is possible to get these cords in cotton, nylon or polyester. It is even possible to get these items made from recycled products.
Additionally, they can be manufactured in almost any color. In some cases it is even possible to have the cords made using patterns.
Custom Messages
These cords can be completely customized. The buyer can have almost any message they want written. For example, if you own your own company, you can have the company name written on and its contact information.
Lanyard Attachments
One of the really great things about this cord is the fact that it can have two different attachments. A person can have the product made using a different clasp on each end.
Neck Straps
These particular cords are ideal as neck straps. If you have a camera or a pair of binoculars you can easily replace the factory strap with a custom one. The wonderful thing about this option is the fact that you can get a strap made of a soft silky material.
Wallet Holders
People who want to get cords to carry their ID should give this kind serious consideration. If the ID being carried is one that has two parts, it is often easier to have it on a double end. These cords allow the holder to lay perfectly flat and can let the wearer carry heavier items.
Multiple Usages


These cords can be used to carry a number of different items at the same time. A user can easily slide the clasps onto the cord. These cords make great fishing lanyards for this very reason. A person can slide all kinds of clasps onto the cord and keep them separated by using spacers.