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Double Ended Lanyards

Quality Double Ended Lanyards You Can Afford

Double ended lanyards are exactly how you imagined them to be - lanyard cords with two separate ends. The minor adjustment done on the straps allows you to carry items that traditional lanyards can’t hold. For example, aside from name badges, double clip lanyards permit you to carry around gadgets like cameras and binoculars around your neck. You can use these lanyards as promotional giveaways or must-have event items for you staff.

Assured durability and reliability

The sturdy straps of the double clip lanyard are either made from nylon or polyester fibers. Hence, you’re assured that the straps won’t easily wear out or deform. Also, because both fibers can hold dye effectively, your logo or lanyard design won’t fade quickly - allowing you to get brand exposure for months to years.
Besides the durability and excellent quality of double ended lanyard, it also offers plenty of functionalities. Find out more about these as you read on.

Uses of double ended lanyards

Custom printed lanyards are among the top go-to items of businesses when they promote their brand during events. This is because lanyards are super cheap to manufacture. Here at CustomLanyards4All, you can personalize lanyards starting at around $1 per strap, especially if you opt for bulk orders.
Another key factor behind the popularity of lanyard is its small size which allows for easy transport and storage. This way you can easily bring them with you when you attend seminars, host an event or hand out straps to new recruits.
Lanyards are available in various designs and styles. Most of the time, businesses make use of the traditional type - those equipped with a single attachment. Others prefer using the double-ended type because besides carrying name badges, they can be used for all kinds of purposes.

Double clip lanyards for event management

Want to ensure the visibility of your event badges? Lanyards with double clips are definitely the best choice in the market! Thanks to the clips, your ID cards won’t keep on spinning around especially while you’re on the move or controlling a huge crowd. Your IDs or event passes are firmly secured in position so guests can easily see them. This way you can provide better assistance and ensure the safety of everyone in the venue.

Double ended lanyards for gadgets

Unlike a regular promotional lanyard, a double clip lanyard provides a sturdier strap for cameras, binoculars and other types of gadgets. As such, you get to enjoy more exposure for your brand. Your staff or customers can flaunt your double-ended lanyard strap when they travel, attend an event or go to work.
With the additional functionality provided by the straps, you get to provide better value. Moreover, your double clip lanyards can allow you to leave a lasting impression on your target customers.

Double ended cords for neck wallets

Double clip cords aren’t only excellent for IDs and gadgets. You can also pair them with branded neck wallets. Nowadays, a lot of brands imprint neck wallets with their logo or tagline in an effort to pique the interests of event attendees.
Neck wallets equipped with double-ended straps come extra handy during events such as homecoming parties, team building activities, and seminars. With these simple items, event attendees can keep their IDs, event passes, food stubs, and other essential items all in one place. This way, they can avoid losing their important documents while they’re at an event.
To upgrade ordinary-looking neck wallets, you can shop for double clip lanyards here at You can custom imprint your design or branding message on your chosen lanyard strap. It will only take us up to 8 days to complete your orders. We will have your items shipped right away.

Plenty of lanyard colors and styles to choose from

Here at, we offer double ended lanyard straps in different colors. Currently, you can select from more than 20 colors. Some of these notable shades include royal blue, gray, hot pink, and Vegas gold. Surely, you will find a color that can complement your branding color or logo design.
Besides the product color, you also get to decide on the style of the lanyard cord. We sell lanyards straps in either flat or tubular style. If you wish to highlight a logo or text, we recommend using flat lanyards. If, on one hand, you only need straps to hold items, you can shop for tube lanyards instead.
You also have the option to determine which printing method to use for your lanyards. Currently, we replicate designs via three methods, namely silkscreen painting, dye sublimation, and weaving. To know which printing method will work best for your needs, you can check out their differences below.

Silkscreen printing

The majority of promotional materials sold in the market today are customized using silkscreen printing. The process involves using a silkscreen mesh to replicate designs on the surface of a fabric. The dye gets absorbed by the nylon or polyester fiber, leaving a discernible image that your customers and staff can see for months.
It’s a highly cost-effective method, but it can only provide you with a limited number of customization options. For starters, you can only feature up to two colors on your design. Also, you can’t use detailed patterns, shapes or text because it would be difficult to get a clear and precise print.

Dye sublimation

If your goal is to feature a highly detailed artwork or logo for your event or campaign, we recommend opting for the dye sublimation method. With it, you can use as many colors in your design. Using digital printers, we can transfer your artwork to your chosen cord.
Unlike in the silkscreen printing method, dye sublimation involves a more sophisticated process. It also requires a specialized dye that undergoes a chemical transformation when exposed to high levels of heat and pressure. The solid dye transforms into gas and then gets absorbed by the fibers found in your lanyard cord. Because the dye chemically binds on to the material, it doesn’t easily fade. Hence, your lanyards stay colorful and vibrant even after a few months.


Weaving literally means to sew in your design on a piece of lanyard fabric. A lot of companies, especially those who need straps for their employees choose woven double ended lanyards over the other items we offer. It produces as clean prints that don’t fade away even after a couple of years. The prints, however, tend to get a bit distorted as the material starts to wear out.
In most cases, the weaving method can only feature two colors for the print. When you pick an imprint color, make sure to consider the color of the fabric. This way, you get to achieve an impressive finish.
Additionally, you need to ensure that you use a simple design if you pick this procedure. Focus on using letters and basic shapes. As much as possible, avoid using a complex and highly detailed design.

How to create the perfect lanyard

Ready to order a double ended lanyard cord? Once you select the strap to use, your next priority is to think about the design you will use. When conceptualizing the design, think about your goals and the purpose of the promotional product you hope to use.
Where will you use it? Do you plan to hand these out during an event? Are you planning on selling these to raise funding for an upcoming project? Will you use it to show support to a team? Do you need these lanyards to manage a huge crowd? Will you use the straps in an indoor or outdoor setting?
Be sure to outline everything you need to know about the product. By doing so, you can think of a design that makes sense not only to your company but also to your target customers. Having a concrete concept in mind will also help you save time in choosing the material as well as the customization options you wish to include.
Additionally, you must consider your budget. How much money are you willing to pay for a bulk order? By having a full grasp of your budget, you can determine how many lanyards you need to get imprinted. It will also allow you to pick the attachments or accessories to include with your lanyards.
At, we offer products that can cater to any budget. Whether you're an SME owner who needs no more than a hundred lanyard or a large organization that needs to custom imprint at least a thousand ID straps, we can help you!

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Double ended lanyards are truly worth your money. They can provide you with excellent ROI. Also, they don't require special storage or transportation. Feel free to order as many lanyards as you want. Browse our selection of lanyards and pick one that best resonates with your brand and goals.
If you have questions about our current offers, don’t hesitate to send us a message. We'll be happy to assist you as soon as possible!
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