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10 Creative Promotional Products That Can Help You Leave a Lasting Impression

Companies from various industries make use of promotional items like custom imprinted flash drives and wristbands for brand awareness and lead capture. This marketing strategy has been practiced by innumerable businesses for many years. Even with the growing popularity of online marketing, it remains a relevant and effective promotional tactic.
The use of clever promotional products traces its humble beginnings to the 1789 US presidential election. After seeing the success of George Washington’s commemorative buttons, manufacturing companies started introducing the use of tokens such as calendars and almanacs to promote a business or gain support for a social movement. In the present day, the promotional product industry began catering to both large corporations and SMEs. 
Over the years, the world has seen a number of memorable custom printed gifts. Some notable examples include bottle openers from Anheuser-Busch, sports bottles from Gatorade, and travel tumblers from Starbucks. These items were seen effective in raising brand awareness as well as making the consumers happy.
As a business owner, you should aim to achieve the same feat. As much as possible, you must provide iconic and useful items that people can quickly associate with your brand. Below is a list of our top 10 creative and effective promotional giveaways for businesses and organizations.

1. Zippered tote bags

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The tote bag is one of the most frequently used promotional giveaway because it serves a lot of purposes. For starters, they make an excellent alternative to single-use plastic bags. You can also use them as lotte bags for birthday parties or other special events. 
It was first introduced back in the 16th century. Originally, these were made from sturdy materials such as leather and canvas. Today, you can find plenty of non-woven tote bags made from colorful and durable synthetic fibers such as nylon and polyester. Moreover, the modern-day tote bags now come with zippered compartments which provides more room for personal valuables. 
You can imprint your logo on a two-colored zippered tote bag here at We offer a wide range of colors to help you create an item that’s consistent with your branding.

2. Gildan Youth Full Zipper Sweatshirt

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Experts claim that branded apparel such as sweatshirts is effective in promoting a brand. This is because people tend to wear them on a regular basis. As a result, you get to increase your chances of getting the attention of potential clients as well as investors or partners. 
If you’re looking for a way to connect with more people and delivering great value to your staff or existing customers, you should consider using customized apparel. If possible, you should invest your money on an item such as a Gildan Youth sweatshirt. Whenever it gets too cold outside or perhaps inside a workplace, people can wear your branded sweatshirt. 
Make sure your employees and clients stay warm and cozy with a plush sweatshirt that spells out your company name. It’s a fantastic item that will help you get recognized as a brand that cares for its people.

3. Two-toned Baseball Caps

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Baseball caps can be used for a long list of things. A few examples include concealing a bad hairdo, keeping the head warm during a cold day, and protecting the face from the sun. Because of such reasons, people tend to bring along a baseball cap wherever they go. Take advantage of the benefits offered by baseball caps and use them as your company swag. 
If you want to stand out, we recommend our two-toned baseball cap. Compared to the regular baseball cap, the two-colored variant can highlight your logo better. Currently, you can choose from three basic colors, namely black, red, and green. You also get to decide where to print your design on the cap.

4. Two-toned bistro ceramic mugs

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You may think of ceramic mugs as a cheap and invaluable item to use for your campaign. In truth, these are worth your money because they end to last longer compared to most promo items. Additionally, people love receiving custom imprinted mugs. Some folks use it for cold beverages. Others use it to drink warm drinks like tea or coffee.
Here at our shop, we offer ceramic mugs in various shapes, sizes, and designs. One of our customer’s top picks so far is the two-toned bistro ceramic mugs. These are available in bright colors such as blue, pink, purple, red and yellow. This 16 oz.mug is characterized by its curved grip, smooth rim, and glossy finish. It has a classy vibe so your customers or staff will surely love using them even while they’re at work.

5. Executive notebook with pen

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Everyone needs to jot down important information from time to time. It may be about the details of a meeting, the cost of a certain product, or a person’s contact detail. That’s why most people bring along a small notebook or pad with them. Imagine if you could provide them with a custom printed notebook that highlights your business. With the notebook, you can help them keep track of essential information plus get repeated exposure for your brand.
At Custom Lanyards 4All, we offer notebooks in all sizes and styles. If you’re keen on delivering the most value to your prospects, we recommend using the executive notebook. You can use these clever promotional products as a souvenir for corporate events like product launches, trade fairs, and seminars. They’re quite cheap to customize and they will never fail to deliver results.
Your dream clients will have a hard time forgetting about your brand if they receive a notebook bearing your logo and company tagline. On top of that, people who come across your custom imprinted notebooks will most likely look you up to know how they can also avail of the merchandise.

6. 10400 mAh Powerbank

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Supercharge your marketing campaign with a 10,400 mAh wooden portable mobile charger from our shop. It’s a high-value corporate swag that you can give as a reward to loyal customers and best performing employees. 
They will certainly appreciate having a high capacity power bank in their bag. They can use it to stay connected to their mobile devices and portable wifi routers even when they’re traveling or hanging out. They can also use their portable chargers during emergency situations.

7. 2 GB Credit Card Style USB drive

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These days most people prefer keeping their data via cloud storage software such as Google Drive and OneDrive. However, there are still some individuals who prefer keeping sensitive or valuable files inside tangible storage devices such as a flash drive. If these folks are your target customers, you can use a USB storage device as your company swag. 
To make things more interesting, you should go for eccentric-looking flash drives such as the 2 GB credit card style USB drive. It’s a chic and stylish item that your customers can easily store inside their wallets or bags.

8. 28 oz Stainless Steel Travel Tumbler

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Show your concern for the environment by using earth-friendly tokens such as the stainless steel travel tumbler. They can help reduce single-use plastic cups and bottles inside your office. And because our stainless steel tumbler can contain up to 28 oz. of fluid, your employees won’t need to take multiple trips to the pantry for water or coffee refill.
They can bring the tumbler anywhere they want to go because it comes with a secured lid. The content won’t get spilled even if they place the tumbler in the cup holder of the car.

9. Hard Enamel Pins

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If you want your organization members to enjoy a unique and memorable event token, then the hard enamel pin is a great option for you. Each lapel pin is meticulously crafted to highlight the details of an organization’s logo or artwork. Feel free to use a maximum of six colors on your design. 
Also, you can customize which accessory to use for the back of the pin. Some of the options we offer include the standard butterfly clips, deluxe locking clutches, safety pin clasps, and cufflinks.

10. Buckle Release Lanyard

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Thousands of businesses, organizations and academic institutions make use of customized buckle release lanyards as their ID straps. Others use it for events management while the rest use them as a giveaway during conferences and tradeshows. 
No matter how you want to use your branded buckle release lanyards, we can help you. You get to personalize your chosen lanyards to your exact specifications. We can use either silkscreen or dye sublimation to transfer your design on your selected buckle release lanyards.

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Which of the 10 clever promotional products listed above do you like the most? Each of these items can help you reach your brand promotion or campaign go as long as you utilize them correctly.
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