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Personalized Lanyards - Top Quality - Many Options

When you buy any promotional item for your company, you want to make certain that it is not generic. You want it to be a truly personal one that is going to project the exact image that you desire The great thing about having personalized lanyards designed for your business is the fact that you are allowed to make all kinds of choices ensuring that you get that perfect image.
Made to Order Lanyards
The great thing about lanyards is that they offer you many different custom options.
Color Choices
As the buyer you get to choose what color you want to use for your personalized lanyards. If you do not already have a color in mind, you should spend a bit of time researching colors and their impact. It is probably best not to simply just pick blue because it is your favorite color. You should think more in terms of what your customers would like, and the kind of business that you are operating. If you are catering to an older crowd, you might not want to pick neon green and pink. However, if your customers are generally under the age of twenty, this color scheme could work very well.
Numerous Fonts & Customizable Fonts
You want to make certain that whichever font you choose; it is something that can be clearly read. Many of the fancier fonts might look great on letterhead, but often will not work well on other mediums. You should also factor in size. In almost all advertising, bigger is better.
Unlimited Wording Options
You can choose to have any information that you want printed onto the cord. Many companies choose to have the name of their business, and their logo displayed. Others design their lanyard using just their slogan and/or logo. When you are trying to determine what you want your personalized lanyard to say, you should consider including some way for the client to contact you. You might want to have a phone number or the address of your business on the ribbon. Alternatively, you could have your web address printed on it.
Material Options - What Material to Choose?
All lanyards are made of fabrics, which are strong and durable. However, certain materials are better suited to different target markets. For example, if you are attempting to attract sports oriented individuals, you might want to consider the nylon tube lanyard. These are thin and extremely resilient. If you want to project an upscale image, you should take a look at the satin lanyards.
Personalized Lanyards Attachment Options
If you want your clients to wear your lanyards, you have to select an attachment that they will use. If your market is a younger crowd, they might prefer to have the cell phone loop. However, if your clients tend to be middle-aged, you might want to look at the slip key ring attachment. Lanyards are a great way to get a lot of advertising for a reasonable price. However, to get the most out of your advertising budget, you need to design a custom personalized lanyard.