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Silicon Key Tag Wristband

Silicon wristbands are a simple yet effective way to promote teams, businesses, fund raising events or even charity organizations. If you want to get your message out there and increase people's awareness of your brand or event, nothing could be easier or more unique then with a stylish customized silicone wristband. We offer a variety of styles and shapes of rubber bands that are sure to fit your needs.

Debossed Silicon Key Tag Wristband
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As low as : $0.43

Printed Silicon Key Tag Wristband
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As low as : $0.43

Color-Filled Silicon Key Tag Wristband
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As low as : $0.44

Colorful Silicone Key Tag Wristband

Wristbands have been around for many years. They are mostly used as promotional giveaways and merchandise items for businesses and organizations. When it was first introduced, only large businesses could afford customizing them because of the expensive cost and the limited availability of equipment. Thanks to the advanced innovations in the business today, you can readily afford to create more than 100 pieces of custom-printed wristbands, regardless of the size of your business or your budget. Also, you can choose from a variety of products to customize such as the silicone key tag wristband.

Why personalize a silicone key tag wristband?

Thousands of people carry key tags with them every day. They don’t want to lose the keys to their cars and homes when they go out. For this reason, various industries use promotional silicone key tags in their marketing campaigns. If you want to put your brand in front of more people, you should also consider personalizing silicone key tags for your business. Silicone key tags are designed to withstand wear and tear, giving you more opportunity to introduce your brand to more customers. The useful applications of such an item also make it an ideal promotional tool that can satisfy customers of any age or gender. We highly recommend creating an awesome design that resonates well with your brand. As much as possible, you should keep it simple and concise because of the limited surface available for printing.

Various printing method to choose from

At CustomLanyards4All, you can select from three printing methods for your promotional key tag wristbands. The screen printing method is perfect for detailed text or graphics. It's also the cheapest option among the three. If you prefer seeing your design engraved on the material, then you should select the debossing method. A specialized tool will be used to etch your design on the silicone band. This way your customers don’t just see your design but also feel it with their fingertips. If you want your design to stand out better, you may want to order color filled silicone key tag wristbands instead. Each debossed shape and letter will be manually printed to achieve a contrasting effect. This type of key tag is usually the most expensive option but it does have the most impressive look and feel.

Customize silicone key tag wristbands today!

Never lose sight of your keys again with a custom printed silicone key tag wristband. CustomLanyards4All can create specialized bands for your keys, flash drives and other lightweight items. You can replicate your brand logo on your selected wristband color and size. We can create color-filled, debossed or printed silicon key tag for an affordable price. Check out the amazing customization options you can choose from here at CustomLanyards4All.