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Dual-Layered Wristband

Silicon wristbands are a simple yet effective way to promote teams, businesses, fund raising events or even charity organizations. If you want to get your message out there and increase people's awareness of your brand or event, nothing could be easier or more unique then with a stylish customized silicone wristband. We offer a variety of styles and shapes of rubber bands that are sure to fit your needs.

1/2" Dual-Layered Wristband
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As low as : $0.43

3/4" Dual-Layered Wristband
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As low as : $0.64

1" Dual-Layered Wristband
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As low as : $0.80

Dual Layered Multi-Color Wristbands

Colorful wristbands are one of the most popularly used promotional items in the market. They’re incredibly easy to produce and they won’t cost you a lot of money. Moreover, these simple accessories will help you reach more customers because these are quite fashionable. Also, a lot of people like wearing gel bands especially those that feature brand logos and messages that they relate to.

A short history of gel bands

Before gel bands became one of the most commonly used promotional giveaways for different brands, they were first used as fundraiser tokens. Nike partnered with Livestrong to create the iconic yellow silicone gel bands to raise awareness for cancer. Ever since yellow bands were introduced, more and more organizations made use of wristbands to encourage people to take part in their movements. After a while, even small businesses and organizations started using silicone gel bands for various purposes including brand promotion and fundraising. At CustomLanyards4All, we can produce any type of custom wristbands for whatever type of business or organization. Whether you need custom wristbands for events management, brand awareness campaigns, charitable events or other purposes, we guarantee to offer you excellent deals. We’d be happy to create flawless and chic silicone gel bands that your members or target customers will love to show off to their friends.

Different types of wristband printing

We offer wristbands in various colors and styles. Some examples include printed, embossed and debossed bands. All our bands are made from 100% silicone, a well-known material for its durability, flexibility and vibrant color. Even after wearing silicone bands for a few months, the material won’t snap, crumble or deform. It’s the best choice if you want to leave a strong impression. The dual layered band is one of our bestsellers thanks to it striking color and design. You can completely customize wristbands with your design, and brand colors. We offer 1 inch, ½ inch and ¾ inch wristbands that will allow you to showcase your logo or brand message the best way possible.

Customize your dual layered gel bands today

If your goal is to stand out, dual layered wristbands are the ideal choice for your brand or organization. Pick your imprint colors and decide whether to print your design on one or two sides of the bands. Order custom wristbands today and save 20%. You can order in packs of 100s, 250s, 500s or 1000s for events or promotional campaigns. Check out our superb selection of dual layered gel bands today!