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Your one stop shop for all your office essentials! Promote your business, service or school with customized office supplies and branded desk accessories. Office supplies and desktop items are used every day and are a simple and successful way to boost your brand. We offer a wide range of custom office supplies and personalized desk accessories, including customized calculators, letter openers and much more. Order your customized office supplies and personalized desk accessories and reinforce your company’ brand every day as people use these every day, high-quality customized and personalized items.

Belfast Ballpoint Pen Cream Barrel Value Stick Pen
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Seattle B Click Pen
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As low as : $0.19

Jetstream Ballpoint Click Pen
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As low as : $0.23

Jetstream B Ballpoint Pen Click Pen
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As low as : $0.23

Economy Stick Pen
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As low as : $0.24

The Orlando Value Click Stick Pen W/ White Barrel
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As low as : $0.25

Derby Ballpoint Pen W/ Rubber Grip
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As low as : $0.32

Benson Sm Stylus Metallic Click Pen
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As low as : $0.32

Benson Sb Stylus Pen
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As low as : $0.32

Rainbow T Click Pen
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As low as : $0.35

Orlando Stylus M Pen
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As low as : $0.35

Slim Jen Metallic Stylus Pen
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As low as : $0.37

Slim Jen Stylus Silver Pen
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As low as : $0.39

Promo Pen W/ Rubber Grip
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As low as : $0.40

Writers Pen W/ Rubber Grip
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As low as : $0.42

Raleigh M Ballpoint Pen
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As low as : $0.45

Bright Rubber Grip Pens
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As low as : $0.47

Mosaic Stylus Click Pen
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As low as : $0.49

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Personalized Ink Pens for Promotional Campaigns

There are plenty of ways you can get exposure for your business these days. You’re probably using at least two kinds of tactics such as social media marketing and traditional marketing to reach more customers. Both techniques, when used correctly, can yield positive results for your business. However, they’re not as effective as handing promotional merchandise in terms of creating a more meaningful connection with your audience. Promotional giveaways such ink pens help you provide value to your target customers. Your brand becomes integrated into their daily routine whenever they bring along your branded items. We at specialize in creating memorable giveaways that will help you make a solid impression on your prospective clients. Our product catalog includes promotional pens that will allow you to get maximum exposure for your brands.

Why do custom printed pens work as a promo giveaway?

There’s quite a lot of reasons why businesses and organizations make use of customized pens to establish their brand presence. First of all, people see ballpoint pens as a very useful item. They come handy in signing documents and writing a note to their friends. Second, they’re built to provide you with a lasting impression on your customers. The more your customers use your branded pens, the better exposure you get for your business. Another key factor is the cost-effectiveness of a promotional pen. Compared to other giveaway items, pens are incredibly cheaper, and yet, never fails to provide an impressive ROI. Lastly, you can easily transport pens anywhere you wish to go. Regardless if you’re headed to a tradeshow, conference, product launch or other type events, you won’t have any difficulty bringing hundreds to thousands of pens with you.

Order top-quality ballpens for your campaign offers a variety of top-quality ballpoint pens. We offer economy stick pens, pens with rubber grips and stylus ballpens. Our pens are available in various colors and designs. The best part is that you can personalize them with your logo or artwork for a small price. We guarantee a hassle-free transaction here at CustomLanyards4All. Basically, you must select which type of pen you wish to use for the campaign, then fill out the order form provided on the product page. You will need to select how many colors you want to feature on the design, the product color, the size of your order and where you want to print the design. It’s a straightforward process! After we receive the design, we can show you how it will look like on the product, then start the printing process. Order your ballpoint pens today!