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Metal Name Badges

Offering highest quality products available, we have a vartiety of different color, sizes, and materials. Our printed badges off full color edge to edge options or for the simpler look, laser engraving. Made using the best printing process, cnce the colors and black are printed, we overlay a clear coating to protect the print from everyday wear.

1.25" X 3" Metal Engraved Name Badge
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As low as : $1.81

2.125 Inch X 3.375 Inch Metal Name Badge
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As low as : $1.81

1" X 3" Metal Name Badge
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As low as : $3.49

2" X 3" Metal Name Badge
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As low as : $3.72

1.5" X 3" Metal Name Badge
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As low as : $3.87

2 Inch X 3 Inch Name Badge Metal
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As low as : $4.04

Premium Metal Name Badges

Any business needs to use name badges to establish identity and allow staff plus customers to communicate and interact with each other. There are three types you can choose from namely plastic, engraved and metal name badges. Out of the three, a lot of businesses pick the metal tag because of its sheer durability make and professional look and feel.

Why are metal name badges important?

There are various ways you can utilize metal name tags. For example, you can create customized name tags for employees and volunteer identification. If you own a large company, you can designate a specific color or design for some of your staff so your current employees can instantly recognize newbies. You can also use it for brand awareness campaigns. People outside your shop might be able to catch a glimpse of Make sure to add an amazing company logo to capture the attention of potential customers. Lastly, your company name badges can help you improve security. Your staff can immediately recognize anyone who is not part of the team using metal name tags alone. Businesses engaged in selling goods or companies that handle sensitive information usually make use of name tags for security purposes.

Why choose metal name tags?

'As mentioned earlier, name tags are available in various materials. Choosing which type to use depends on a few factors which include your budget, design and your preferred material. Metal badges are perfect if you're looking for something that can last for years. Metals used in manufacturing name badges are resistant to rusting and tarnishing so you're assured of their quality even after using them several times.

Get yours here at CustomLanyards4All!

Customize metal name tags at CustomLanyards4All! We can assure the quality of the badges and the prints. With a finely crafted name badge, your staff can surely make a great impression. Additionally, you can improve the quality of your company’s customer support service. With the badge, your clients can easily approach your staff when they have concerns. We can replicate your design on your selected metal tag using digital printing method. You can choose from four colors namely white, black, polish silver and polish gold. Feel free to set the quantity of your order. Also, you can select the attachment to use. Currently, we offer attachments such as standard pins, premium pins and swivel bulldog clip. Find out how we can help you with affordable high-quality metal name badges. Check the available customization options for your orders today!