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Woven Lanyard

Ordering custom printed lanyards here at is easy and inexpensive. We offer top quality materials with many customizing options including colors, materials and attachments. With a lowest price guarantee, rest assured that you be getting the lowest price online. Give us a try and we are sure you will find that lanyards are an ideal way to advertise your company without spending a lot of money.

1/2" Woven Lanyard
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As low as : $0.61

5/8" Woven Lanyard
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As low as : $0.63

3/4" Woven Lanyard
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As low as : $0.64

1" Woven Lanyard
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As low as : $0.65

5/8" Woven Lanyard W/ Buckle Release
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As low as : $0.67

1" Woven Lanyard W/ Safety Breakaway
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As low as : $0.69

1" Woven Lanyard W/ Buckle Release
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As low as : $0.69

1/2" Woven Lanyard W/ Buckle Release
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As low as : $0.73

1/2" Woven Lanyard W/ Safety Breakaway
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As low as : $0.73

5/8" Woven Lanyard W/ Safety Breakaway
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As low as : $0.74

3/4" Woven Lanyard W/ Safety Breakaway
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As low as : $0.75

3/4" Woven Lanyard W/ Buckle Release
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As low as : $0.75

Custom Woven Lanyard

Custom printed lanyards are perfect for promoting your brand because they’re known to provide positive ROI. They are highly inexpensive and quite easy to personalize. With the help of a branding consultant, you can easily figure out how to make your custom printed ID straps stand out. Before you book a consultation session with a brand specialist, you must know which type of lanyard to use for your campaign.

What should you consider when choosing a lanyard?

Here at CustomLanyards4All, you can find hundreds of blank lanyards you can customize with your brand logo and message. It can get a bit confusing to narrow down your choices. As a rule of thumb, you must consider two things when you’re shopping for a lanyard, First, you should determine how you want to use the lanyard. Are you going to use it as a strap for IDs of your employees? Do you need it for an event? Second, you must consider the design. How intricate or simple is your logo? How many colors do you want to incorporate in your design? Based on these two factors, you can easily choose between the two basic lanyard categories namely, woven and printed lanyards.

Printed lanyard vs Woven lanyard

Woven and printed lanyards primarily differ in the process by which the image is transferred to the fabric and the materials used. For printed lanyards, either a silkscreen mesh or thermal printer is used to transfer the dye on the surface of the lanyards. Woven lanyards, on one hand, entail the use of sewing equipment to stitch in the design. If you wish to order woven lanyards for your company staff, the embroidered version is the best choice because it can withstand wear and tear. If you only wish to use the lanyard during a one-day event, you may select the printed version instead. You must also assess the image or text you wish to imprint on the item. You can opt for woven lanyards if your design only features a few colors or shapes. If you wish to create a more exciting and vibrantly colored strap, then perhaps you should shop printed lanyards instead.

Woven lanyard - a worth-it investment

It’s no secret that a customized embroidered lanyard is more expensive than printed ones. Nevertheless, it is a great choice for businesses who want to get the most value for their investment. A typical woven lanyard is made from polyester, so you’re assured of the material’s durability. Also, the elegant look and feel of the embossed letters and shapes can easily capture the attention of your target customer. Lastly, the embroidered design doesn’t fade at all, making the woven lanyard an ideal choice for long-term usage.

Add your own touch to your selected lanyard

At CustomLanyards4All, we carefully stitch brand logos on the selected material. The embroidered text and color are reversed on the flip side of the fabric. You can choose from a variety of design and sizes. Also, you can further personalize a woven lanyard with a plastic buckle, D clip or other types of attachments. Order and personalize woven lanyards today!