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With our discounts on our already low prices, it is easier and more affordable than ever to get the right lanayrds for you with customized imprinting. Choose from an array of options from our best selling polyesters, our popular woven lanyards, or the top of class dye sublimated lanyards. We offer top quality materials with many customizing options including colors, materials and attachments. With a lowest price guarantee, rest assured that you be getting the lowest price online. Give us a try and we are sure you will find that lanyards are an ideal way to advertise your company without spending a lot of money.

3/4" Best Seller Polyester W/ Buckle Release Lanyard
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3/4" Best Seller Polyester Screen Printed Lanyard
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3/4" Woven Lanyard W/ Safety Breakaway
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As low as : $0.68
3/4" Woven Lanyard W/ Buckle Release
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As low as : $0.68
3/4" Dye Sublimated Lanyard W/ Safety Breakaway
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As low as : $0.71
3/4" Dye Sublimated Lanyard W/ Buckle Release
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As low as : $0.71
3/4" Dye Sublimated Lanyard
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As low as : $0.72
3/4" Best Seller Polyester W/ Safety Breakaway Lanyard
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3/4" Nylon Lanyard
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As low as : $0.82
3/4" Nylon Lanyard W/ Buckle Release
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As low as : $1.07
3/4" Nylon Lanyard W/ Safety Breakaway
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As low as : $1.07

Polyester Face Mask Lanyard W/ Snap Button
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As low as : $1.15

Discounted Promotional Lanyards

At CustomLanyards4All, we strive to provide the best deals to all our clients. As such, we provide reasonably priced items such as custom promotional lanyards. Besides our standard offers, we also provide a variety of discounted lanyards. Currently, we offer sale lanyards made from polyester and nylon. You get to choose from lanyards with various attachments as well as additional accessories such as safety breakaway and buckle release.

Enjoy more value for less

While the items we currently offer at CustomLanyards4All are already available at a low price, we sell some items at discounted rates from time to time. This way, our valued customers get more value for their hard-earned money. Even with the discounted price, we can assure the quality of the materials and printing method used to manufacture your orders.

Top-quality lanyards your brand deserves

Our custom imprinted lanyards are perfect for promotional giveaways. They can even double as straps for various lightweight items. You can expect the lanyards to withstand wear and tear even with frequent use. Feel free to browse our wide selection of sale lanyards. We offer them in various materials, colors, thickness and styles. That way, you can easily find an item that meets your needs and resonates with your company’s image. Once you select a lanyard, you can start personalizing your order by choosing the quantity, the number of colors to use and where you want to print the design. You can also purchase add-on accessories and even ID badge holders.

Why shop promotional lanyards

Lanyards are popularly used as promotional giveaways by many brands in the world. The cheap cost of producing lanyards is probably the number one reason why business owners and organizations strongly prefer this item over other types of customizable giveaways. Also, custom printed lanyards provide positive ROI because customers and employees can them in a variety of ways. For example, they can reuse it as a durable strap for their gadgets after an event. They can also use it to hold their keys or maybe flashlights and pocket knives. Because this item can serve a lot of purpose, you get more chances of introducing your brand to more people for a lesser cost.

Order the best lanyard today!

We at CustomLanyards4All are always ready to accommodate your orders. Regardless of the type of lanyard you select or the printing method you prefer, we can provide you with a fair and honest deal. Start personalizing one of our discounted lanyards today!