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Nylon Lanyard

Ordering custom printed lanyards here at is easy and inexpensive. We offer top quality materials with many customizing options including colors, materials and attachments. With a lowest price guarantee, rest assured that you be getting the lowest price online. Give us a try and we are sure you will find that lanyards are an ideal way to advertise your company without spending a lot of money.

1/2" Nylon Lanyard
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As low as : $0.63

5/8" Nylon Lanyard
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As low as : $0.65

3/4" Nylon Lanyard
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As low as : $0.67

1" Nylon Lanyard
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As low as : $0.71

1/2" Safety Breakaway Nylon Lanyard
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As low as : $0.83

5/8" Nylon Lanyard with Safety Breakaway
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As low as : $0.85

1/2" Buckle Release Nylon Lanyard
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As low as : $0.85

5/8" Buckle Release Nylon Lanyard
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As low as : $0.87

3/4" Safety Breakaway Nylon Lanyard
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As low as : $0.87

3/4" Buckle Release Nylon Lanyard
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As low as : $0.89

1" Safety Breakaway Nylon Lanyard
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As low as : $0.91

1" Buckle Release Nylon Lanyard
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As low as : $0.93

Custom Promotional Nylon Lanyards

Nylon is among the most commonly used type of materials to make lanyards. It is a synthetic fabric is known for its stiff and smooth surface, excellent collapse resistance and bright color. The smooth texture of the nylon lanyard material makes it easy to print clear designs using silkscreen mesh, paint and a squeegee.

How we make a nylon lanyard

The process of making a nylon lanyard cord is quite simple. At CustomLanyards4All, you can choose from four sizes ranging from 1 inch to ? inch. Pick a thickness that would best showcase your prints. We will cut your chosen fabric into your specified thickness, then prep for printing. Upload your design and will transfer it on the silkscreen mesh. Once we finish setting up the printing tools needed, we can start imprinting your design per batch. After the printed design dries, we will seal it with a heat press equipment and finish assembling the lanyards. We will sew in an attachment such as a J-hook, swivel bulldog clip or lobster claw, depending on the specified instructions of the order.

Why choose nylon lanyards?

Apart from nylon, polyester is also a widely used fabric in manufacturing custom printed lanyards. Both the polyester and nylon lanyard are perfect for conferences, tradeshows and other types of events. To choose the best type of lanyard for your business, you should consider how you intend to use the lanyard. For example, if you want your customers to use it as a strap for their mobile phones, you should buy nylon lanyards. Unlike polyester, nylon has a stiffer texture so it can maintain its shape even after attaching something heavy on the clips. Custom blank nylon lanyard also has a nice color and sheen, so it can effortlessly stand out even in a crowded place such as an event center. Your customers can use it to carry their flash drives, phones, keys, and IDs. They also make a perfect souvenir item your customers can remember you by after the event.

Where to buy a nylon lanyard

CustomLanyards4All provides the best blank nylon lanyard selection. We have custom nylon lanyards in various colors and thickness that can complement your brand logo. You can use up to three colors in your logo and add a design on both sides of the lanyards. Select the best custom printed nylon lanyards you need for your promotional campaigns today! In addition to the lanyards, you can also shop accessories like ID badge reels, safety breakaways, and vinyl badge holders. Checkout your chosen items today!