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Wallet Badge Holders - Many Custom Options Available

Creating a wallet badge holder is a very simple process. It is possible to create these wonderful products, by simply going online and following an easy to read step by step format. This can all be done from the comfort of your home or office. However, if you want to create a perfect product you have to understand the create process.
One of the first things that you will be asked is to choose the color of the wallet. Most companies that order these products choose a color that is associated with the company. If your business does not have an established color scheme, it might be a good idea to choose one prior to ordering any promotional items. By doing this you will ensure that all of your future products and signage will be similar.
You will be asked what you want to have written on the wallet. Most companies want to have their name clearly displayed. This can be done using various different fonts. As with the choice of colors, most businesses opt to use the same font as they use with everything. If a company does not have a specific style they should select one that reflects the company’s image. For instance, bubble puffy letters are not the right image for an institution that is trying to promote an image of stability and reliability. On the other hand this kind of lettering is perfect for products and services which are geared towards children.
After selecting the style of the letters a company can choose the color. Many companies simply pick white. This shade is effective with almost any background. However, effective wallets can be made if the color that is selected will stand out clearly. To make this happen a business should be aware of the way that colors work together. Contrasting tones are often chosen. Another great idea is to use complimentary shades.
Wallets come is a variety of sizes. They also come in different orientations. Before making a final decision it is important to be sure that the wallet will be able to meet your expectations. You might want to consider getting a wallet that is slightly larger than the ID cards. By doing this you and your staff will be able to carry other items in the wallet. They can slip extra business cards and even their cell phone inside.
If the wallet badge holder is going to be held on a lanyard, it is possible to have extra attachments placed on. Companies might want to include clasps for water bottles, pens or safety glasses.


A wallet badge holder is an item that can be used for many different things. It is ideal for ID cards and for promotional purposes. However, to be really useful and effective buyers should make certain to take the time to create the perfect wallet.