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Silicone Wrist Bands

Silicone wrist bands are a relatively new product. However, one has only to look around at various people to see how fast these products have taken off. There are many reasons as to why this product is so effective.
The bands can be customized. This means that the buyer can make various choices regarding the final product. One of these choices will be the color of the band. These products come in numerous different shades. Many companies choose a color that best reflects their business. For example an accounting form might choose a dark blue or green. Both of these colors provoke images of stability and dependability. Green is also a shade that is often related to money and finances.
Bands can have words written on them. The great majority of companies want to have their name on the band. This is an excellent choice because every time anyone sees the band they will see the name of the business.
An alternative idea would be to have the company’s motto or slogan placed on. This idea is very effective if the slogan is known. However, if the company is trying to introduce a new motto they should consider having both the name and the slogan if there is room. This principal applies to logos as well.
Businesses can also consider having their contact information on the band. Although, bands are not very large, companies can have their information on the band provided they keep it short. Businesses could thing about having their address on the band or their web address. Phone numbers can also be written on if this is how the business likes to have their clients contact them.
These bracelets are very popular because they are an item which is highly visible. The goal of any advertizing product is to garner people’s attention. This will not happen if the item is stashed in a drawer or is lost at the bottom of a bag.Another factor which makes them effective is that they can be used by a wide range of people. There are hundreds of promotional products which are geared towards one particular sex. The silicone bracelet is not one of these. It is an item which can be worn by women and men.
Silicone bands are also exceptional because they are flexible, durable and long lasting. Furthermore they will not be adversely affected by water. This means that the user can leave it on when they wash their hands or take a shower. It also means that these items will not be harmed if they are worn outside during bad weather.


The silicone bracelet is an item that does not have a long history. However it is one which has a long future.