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School Lanyards - Perfect For Fundraising, Teams and Events

Rush Order School Lanyards, Badge Holders and Badge Reels

Need high-quality school lanyards, printed badge reels or badge holders within 3 to 5 days? You can order them here at Each school lanyard we sell is made from durable materials to ensure that they serve their purpose for a long time. Our promotional lanyards are useful for fundraisers, sports fest, prom, homecoming parties, graduation, and a wide range of other occasions.


Whether you’re looking for nylon straps, tube lanyards, polyester ID lanyards, badge reels or badge holders, we can personalize them for an affordable price. Additionally, you can have these items delivered to you sans the shipping costs.


Choose from an extensive selection of products here at CustomLanyards4All. Our school ID straps, badge reels, and ID holders are available in fun and exciting colors and styles that can complement your school or event logo design.

Customized Lanyards - A Must-Have Item for Schools

Thousands of schools all over the world invest in creating unique and memorable lanyards. Most of these institutions insist on using custom printed school lanyards for safety and security purposes. Typically, they hand out printed straps to the members of the admin office, students, teachers, and other school staff for their ID badges. Others make use of their lanyards to hold their apartment keys and small gadgets.
Aside from being used to carry lightweight valuables, lanyards come extra handy for a long list of other purposes. For starters, they can be used to manage events.


Lanyards for Prom Night

Prom night can sometimes pose threats to the safety and security of the students and the rest of the guests. With the crazy influx of people entering and exiting the venue hall, it can be a bit challenging to avoid issues such as brawls and gate crashing. That’s why some schools insist on requiring attendees to wear custom imprinted lanyards while in the premises. You can also do the same. Ask the event attendees to wear the straps and guest badges for the entire duration of the event. On top of that, you can use color-coded straps to distinguish guests from school staff, event organizers and security personnel.


There’s plenty of lanyards you can choose from based on the material used, style, width and design. You can shop for elegant lanyards that can complement a fancy tux or perhaps a strapless prom gown. Anyone can wear your selected lanyards because they’re designed to fit any size or sex.


Each lanyard is made with durability and reliability in mind, so they can last for months or even years depending on the usage. Hence, your guests can keep them as a souvenir item or reuse them any way they want.

Lanyards for School Clubs and Teams

Customized lanyards are also quite popular among school clubs and varsity teams. Thanks to the amazing selection of colors and designs available in CustomLanyards4All, you can quickly select a strap that resonates with a club or team.


If you want to focus on promoting the team colors, you can use simple tube lanyards. Want to highlight the varsity team’s logo and tagline? You may use thicker polyester or nylon lanyards.


Feel free to use the lanyards to hold IDs or badges in case the members need to attend activities or other special events. The lanyard straps can be worn by student-athletes or club members who travel together to compete with other district contestants. It will help the school staff in checking attendance and improving safety and security of the delegates. You can also require the team to don the lanyards during pep rallies or other special events.


Alternatively, you can use their branded lanyards to raise funds for the team or other project expenses. For a small price, fans of each club or school athlete can show their support and raise money for a cause. Expect to see a large number of students willing to chip in just to get things done or to support their school team. As much as possible, you should sell personalized merch a few weeks before a project or event to generate enough funds for your cause or project.


Lastly, don’t forget to use the item to boost team spirit and encourage more fans or members to join the fun and show their support.


Lanyards for Homecoming Parties

A homecoming party can be quite as busy as a high school prom night. Hence, it’s always helpful to have some sort of event management plan to ensure a smooth-flowing event. One of the most cost-effective event management items you can use is a custom printed lanyard.


However, instead of equipping the guests with simple name tags, you can make things more personal by adding neck wallets to the lanyard straps.


The wallets can contain not just the name or nickname of the guests but also the year of his/her graduation. For added excitement and charm, you can also encourage guests to attach an old photo on their badges. If you want to go the extra mile, you can also pick a specific lanyard strap color for a certain batch.

Metal badges made for schools

Besides our premium school lanyards, we also have other offers such as metal name badges. Nowadays, some schools and colleges prefer using badges instead of the typical ID card.


If you’re looking for badge holders or reels, you can shop them here at CustomLanyards4All. These are available in various sizes including 1" x 3", 1.25" x 3", and 2" x 3". We offer both rectangular and circular metal name badges.


The metal name badges work great for office interns, student assistants, as well as medical and nursing students. Unlike ID cards, metal badges don’t contain a lot of personal information. Instead, these only highlight a few things such as the name of the person, school logo, and position.

Printed badge reels for schools

Another popular custom printed product that we offer here at CustomLanyards4All is the printed badge reel. A badge reel is basically a small and lightweight item that features a retractable cord contained in a plastic casing.


Some badge reels are made circular while others come in square shapes. Each badge reel also comes with a clip used to attach the entire item on a piece of clothing. In our product catalog, you’ll find plenty of options to choose from. For example, we have ones that resemble an S-carabiner clip. We also have square badge reels equipped with bulldog clips.

Badge reels for keyless entry access cards

With a high-quality badge reel, school admin officers would never lose their keyless entry access cards again! They can easily keep track of their access cards by attaching these inside their bags or pieces of clothing with the use of a badge reel.


Unless they deliberately lose their keys, no one else can gain access to highly secured spaces such as laboratories and data centers and server rooms of the school, college or university.


Besides helping security employees to do their job, a branded badge reel will also remind them about your club or organization. With these items close by, you will surely get more exposure and recognition from the staff or the students.

Badge reels for keys and other important valuables

While lanyards are very much useful in holding keys and other items, some students and school personnel prefer using badge reels. This is because they can place it in less conspicuous places such as the inner pockets of a varsity jacket or a small compartment of a woman’s handbag.


If you wish to find newer and fresher ways to promote your school or student clubs, then you should consider using badge reels. These may be smaller compared to lanyards but they work just as great in spreading awareness on a cause, movement or organization.


They’re incredibly cheap to manufacture as well. Whether you’re considering to hand these out as free giveaways or use them to raise money, you will surely love the results.

Hundreds of items waiting to get customized!

Here at, we strive to provide the finest promotional products to brands, organizations, schools, clubs and other sectors.


We have a plethora of items you can use to spread the word about your cause or event. Moreover, we provide our customers with the freedom to customize their orders any way they want. Additionally, we also offer free standard shipping option for some of our products.


Whether you’re looking for promotional school lanyards, metal name badges or printed ID reels, you can order them right away here at our shop. Upload your design, select the colors, choose your add-ons, settle your payment and wait for the items to arrive.


We can have these mass-produced within your selected timeframe and delivered to your designated address. You can also request for rush delivery for a small additional price. Surely, these reasonably-priced items can help you meet your goals and get more traction for your brand or organization.

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