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School Lanyards - Perfect For Fundraising, Teams and Events


Here at we have a large selection of school lanyards for special events, teams, fundraising and proms. All of our lanyards use top quality materials and come with many different options including choice of colors, materials and attachments. With a lowest price guarantee and friendly service, give us a try. We are sure you will find that our lanyards are the best deal for your school's money on the net.

Displaying your ID Badge at Schools

All over the world schools are investing in school lanyards. They are doing this because they have recognize all of the ways that they can use these items in their facility. Some schools buy these items to carry ID cards, which is great, but there are many others ways in which these handy items can be used.
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If the school really wants to make the cords special, they can have them customized. The cords could have the name of the school and the year on them. This item also makes for an inexpensive custom souvenir for all the guests.

Prom Night School Lanyards

Prom night can be a security nightmare. It is an evening where many people will be entering and exiting the building. To make certain that only authorized people are on the premises, the school can use cords.Each graduating person and their guests would be given a special lanyard to wear. This cord would have to be displayed the entire time that the person was on the premises. This simple solution would ensure that security people would know at a glance if the person was invited. To really make this system effect a wallet holder could be carried on the cord with the person’s name on in. School can further expand this system by including everyone in the scheme. They could have different colored cords for cheaper ones and another color for the security personal. When appropriate, teacher lanyards could also be used with a specific color.
One of the great things about using this system is the fact that the cord can be worn with anything. It can be worn with a tuxedo or an elegant strapless gown. Furthermore, this method will not damage the person's clothes. And, of course, these items can be used by anybody. The individual’s size and sex does not matter.
Alternatively a school can simply have the name of the facility written on the strap. That way the cord could be reused at next year’s graduation or at any other school function.

Lanyards for Graduation, School Clubs and Teams

Schools can have special cords made up for the different groups. One technique that a school can use is to simply have the cords made up with the name of the school on them. By using this strategy a school can use the same lanyards for all of their groups.
Having a team wear cords makes it easier when the group is travelling. These simple items make it possible for everyone to know that the people wearing the cords are traveling together. This makes it much simpler for the team to go through check points and security controlled gates. Additionally, you could select a a different teacher lanyards that signifies the head of the group.

Home Coming Lanyards

This is another event where cords will be very useful. The cords can be used in the same ways that they are at a prom. However, they can also be used to make the home coming event more personal. The wallets on the cord can contain the person’s name and the year that they graduated. If possible, these wallets could also contain a picture of the person from their graduating year.
Schools can customize these cords in a number of different ways. The cord can be designed with the name of the school and the current year. If there are a large number of people returning for graduation cords could be made up with different graduating years or with the different facility names. Any school that chooses to order school lanyards will be able to use these ideas and many more. is a premier factory direct lanyards supplier. We guarantee that our combination of quality and price cannot be beaten.