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Safety Breakaway Lanyards

This particular option was designed with safety in mind. Although the standard cord is ideal for most people there are times when safety may be an issue.
This option is a clasp that is normally located at the back of the neck. This clap will automatically pop open if the cord is placed under any kind of strain. The wearer does not have to do anything.
Children are often asked to wear cords. They are sometimes asked to carry their house key on these cords. Parents make this request because there is less chance of the child dropping or forgetting their keys if they are around the child’s neck. Other children are required to wear their school ID cards. In either situation the child should be given a cord which has the breakaway safety feature.
The reason for this should be obvious. Children like to play rough and if you do have an active child there is a small chance that the cord might get caught. There is also a risk if the child gets into any kind of an altercation with another child. If the other child grabs the cord the wearer could suffer an injury.
Any adult that works with the general public should consider wearing this kind of cord. This includes people who work in any kind of security. This does not apply just to those who wear uniforms it applies to people who volunteer in the local neighborhood watch and those that work as cashiers.
There are also people who work in industries which have regulations about wearing anything around the neck. The reason for this is the fact that the company may be concerned about the hanging object getting caught in the machinery. These rules can often be circumvented if the person opts to wear a safety cord.
Any who wears a lanyard while participating in any kind of sport, should wear this kind of cord. This option is ideal for the cyclist who is concerned about the cord getting entangled in the gears of the bike. This also applies to people who wear the cord while doing water sports. They cn have an emergency whistle on the cord and not have to worry about it getting hooked on anything.
One of the great things about this safety feature is the fact that it can be used with almost any kind of cord. It can be used with the flat or the tubular. Furthermore, it can be combined with almost any type of attachment.
This great feature can be combined with various other options. This feature can be used with the snap buckle. This clasp is frequently placed at the front of the cord a few inches above the clasp. This buckle requires that the wearer press the sides in to get it to open.


Safety should be everyone'’'s first concern. Lanyards can and do help people with all kinds of things. However, if wearing a traditional cord presents any kind of risk the person should get a cord that has this wonderful feature.