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Retractable Reels

When considering the option of obtaining reels a company has to make a number of decisions. One of the big choices will be the option of getting a retractable reel. These items have countless advantages.
The main reason that people choose this type of reel is the fact that the retractable feature allows the user to move the item being carried away from their body without taking it off. This is ideal for people who want to carry keys on the reel or have to swipe their ID cards.
Once a business has decided to get a retractable, they will have a number of other choices to make. Some of the most important ones are listed below. There are many different kinds of retractable reels.
The cord on the reel varies between units. It is possible to get different lengths of cords. If the people wearing the cord are going to need to move the item being held a great distance from their body a long cord would be best. The cords are also made of different materials. If a company needs to have extra strong cables, they can get ones that have been made of metal. These cords can have a special coating which can prevent them from being adversely affected by weather.
These reels are also available in different shapes. The most common one are either round or square. However, it is also possible to get reel in various geometric shapes. Additionally, if a company is interested they can get novelty reels.
Buyers can also choose the color the reel. If you are planning to get reels for your employees or as advertizing tools you should consider getting these items made using the company colors.
Companies who are planning to purchase reels will have to determine how they want to customize it. It is possible to have the words written directly onto the reel. The letters can be printed onto the plastic portion of the reel. Alternatively, a company can choose to have a special sticker placed into the reel. These stickers are put on using extremely strong and durable glue.
One of the great things about the sticker option is the fact that it frequently has a white background. This means that businesses can write almost anything on the sticker and they can use more colors.
Businesses which are getting reels to display ID cards might want to think about getting holders at the same time. Holders are a very valuable tool. Combined with reels these items will reduce the number of ID cards that go missing or become damaged. By ordering both products at the same time a company can reduce costs and it will be able to implement the new system immediately.


Retractable reels are an item that every business should have in their inventory.