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Choices - What Lanyards Are All About

Many products on the market make the claim that they can be customized. However, there are very few that offer the buyer the range of choices that lanyards do. As a buyer, you can virtually design your custom item from the ground up. You will be able to make decisions during each step of the manufacturing process.
The first thing you will get to pick is the type of cord or rope that you wish to use. Polyester, woven or tubular styles are just three of the options that are available.
You can then determine which type of dying will best suit your needs. If your company has a very simple design in mind, you might opt for the silkscreen dye. However, you do have the choice of getting the product done using a dye sublimation process. This process is used for cords that are going to require an intricate image. In the process of sublimation dying, the color is actually transferred onto the material using a very high heat. What makes this method different from other dying techniques is the fact that a gas dye is used. In this method the solid ye is converted into a gas but it does not go through the liquid phase.dye goes from being a solid to a gas without ever entering into a liquid state. This allows the fibers to absorb the dye.
Once you have made these two choices, you can move on to decide what kind of cord you want. You can get the more traditional type or you can get the safety breakaway style. The breakaway style will ensure that if at any time the cord gets hooked or pulled it will let go. This is ideal for people who work in the security field or around any type of machinery. Cords which include this option will spring apart instantly.
When selecting your item you should have a good idea of what you intend to do with the lanyard. If you are planning to hand it out to your staff and ask them to use it to carry their keys, you will most likely ask for the split ring attachment. However, if the lanyard is going to be used as an ID holder, you might want to look at the different cases and the features that they offer. For staff that has electronic components in their ID, the rigid case is probably the best.
You should also consider the many other ways that lanyards can be used and look at the options of having a Carabiner attachment or an s clip. You might decide that you would prefer the bull clip or a plastic strap. There is also the lanyard pouch to consider. This simple device provides more space for the employee to place certain items. Pens, notepads and even business cards can easily fit into one of these pouches. Additionally, if the company wants they can have the pouch dyed to match and it can have the name of the business clearly written on it.
Lanyards are all about choice. Starting from material, to size and color of print all possibilities are limitless.
There are different materials to consider from when choosing your custom lanyard:
Polyester: One of the most popular and commonly used lanyards. These are made of the Polyester material which is durable and long lasting. The softness and cost effectiveness makes them the perfect candidate for using them as promotional or advertising product.
Nylon: Considered superior to the Polyester mainly due to its shiny outlook and ability to print detail logos and text. If you are considering to print colorful logo than imprinted Nylon lanyard is the perfect option.
Tubular: A less expensive yet durable material which allow a flat surface for text printing. Not advisable for detailed or colored logos. Tube lanyards are ultimate favorite for large gathering and free giveaways during shows and charity events.
Woven: One of the best materials to choose from. With a textured feel and the ability to embroidered stitch the text or logo into the lanyard they are perfect to display your company or school name.
Dye Sublimation or Full Color: The invention of thermal printing process has made it possible to print multi-color logos or even edge to edge unlimited color printing. Your logo or company name will stand out better on these types of cords.
The manufacturers want you to get a product which is made to suit your needs. Producers can give you the choice of dye techniques, slogans, attachments and even the type of object that is attached. Furthermore they can offer you a wide variety of features which go directly on the cord. When thinking of lanyards do not forget that, there are many choices that you can make.