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Full Color Lanyards - Dye Sublimation Method

Full color lanyards using the dye sublimation process are perfect for any company that wants to design a very colorful and detailed lanyard cord. Not only will you get the best printing available, we only use top quality materials. With many different options available including choice of colors, fabrics and attachments, we are sure to have everything you need to create your perfect lanyard. Try us and we are sure you will find that our lanyards are the best deal for your money on the net.
Full Color Lanyards
The term full color does not actually refer to the lanyard, but to the way in which it was made.
There are a number of different techniques that manufacturers use when they are creating full color lanyards. However, the method that they often recommend to companies, which have detailed logos, is the full color. This process is also ideal for companies that want to use a lot of color on their lanyard.
To really appreciate this dying method you have to know about the process. In this dying method, gas dye is used on the cord. To create the gas, a solid dye is placed under a tremendous amount of heat and pressure. This results in the solid being converted into a gas, without going through the liquid phase. When a solid is changed into a gas, it normally has to be converted to a liquid first, this step does not occur in the dye sublimation process.
This particular method is perfect for anyone who wants to design a very colorful cord. By using gas the producer is able to place very minute quantities of dye. This means that there will be little or no "runs". Furthermore, by implementing this system, the final product will have a continuous color quality. When some images are created using other methods the image appears disjointed or pixalated. As an added bonus the gas dye is able to penetrate very deeply into the fibers of the material. Lanyards which are made using this technique will not fade due to sunlight or washing.
Companies or individuals who intend to select this method should also know that it can be used on almost any kind of cord or material. It works well with cotton, linens, nylon or polyester. They should also be aware of the fact that the buyer can choose any attachment or clasp to go on this style of lanyard.
The dye sublimation method, or the full color as it is known, is perfect for companies that want to create intricate designs on their dye sublimation lanyards.