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Eco-Friendly Lanyards

Eco-Friendly Lanyards


Made from Bio-Degradable and/or Recyclable Materials

Nowadays, a lot of businesses and organizations use custom imprinted lanyards for promotional and marketing purposes. The affordable costs, superb customization options, and high ROI make lanyards an ideal choice especially for brands who want to maximize their budget. However, it’s no secret that some customized lanyards end up in trash bins.
Some folks no longer need the lanyards. The item has served its purpose so it gets discarded. Some may want to declutter their things to free up space. Others, on the other hand, aren't happy with the personalized ID straps they received because of the low-quality prints.
Inevitably, your customized lanyards will eventually end up in the bin. And sadly, if it's made from synthetic materials, it may negatively impact the environment. The best way to avoid causing problems is to make use of sustainable options such as eco-friendly lanyards.
With this option, you get to have a personalized strap to hold your ID, mobile gadget or other lightweight valuables without leaving much damage to the environment. Learn more about the environmental impact of lanyards and the available green alternatives as you read on.

Environmental impact of promotional products

Customized items are essential to ensuring the success of a promotional campaign. These trinkets come hand in:
  • Raising awareness about a movement
  • Increasing the visibility of a brand
  • Providing value to customers.


For a minimal price, brands, governments, and organizations can reach out to more people. However, sometimes, promo items contribute to the global garbage crisis.
BBC says the world generates around two billion tons of solid wastes each year. The USA is among the largest contributors to the global waste crisis because the average US resident dumps more than four pounds of garbage each day.
A large fraction of these waste materials come from food wrappers and single-use plastic. There is also a significant amount of discarded promotional products such as custom printed lanyards.
Depending on the lanyard's chemical composition, it may sit in the landfill without decomposing for decades. The majority of lanyard straps sold in the market are made from synthetic fiber such as nylon and polyester.
These materials do not decompose readily because they are derived from petrochemicals and bits of plastic. Also, their molecular structure is harder to breakdown because of the special process used to bind the ingredients. Thankfully, the innovations in the textile industry have introduced greener options. But what exactly makes a product earth-friendly?

Characteristics of eco-friendly items

A lot of businesses invest in providing eco-friendly options in an effort to sway their customers to choose them over their competitors. Also, using eco-friendly products is one of the most practical ways to address the global waste issue. While they are usually more expensive compared to ordinary promotional items, they never fail to deliver results.
At, we offer a variety of eco-friendly products. These products are environmentally friendly because they satisfied the following criteria:
  • They’re made from recycled or natural ingredients.
  • A sustainable process was used to produce the items.
  • They can be reused, reduced or recycled.
  • Minimal packaging was used to transport the project.


We have a small selection of earth-friendly products that can help you with your campaigns. One example is our eco-friendly custom printed lanyards.

What are eco-friendly lanyards?

Today, some manufacturers offer lanyards that entirely comprised of nylon or polyester fiber. Most of the time, they combine polyester or nylon fiber with polyethylene terephthalate, a substance derived from recycled plastic bottles.
Additionally, green lanyards are manufactured without phthalates, a dangerous and toxic type of plastic that causes harm to human health and the environment.
Aside from recycled plastic, green ID straps can also be made from bamboo fibers. The cellulose contained in the bamboo fibers rivals the strength and durability of fibers found in polyester and nylon. These earth-friendly straps are super soft to the touch.
Some lanyard manufacturers also make use of corn plastic to provide a greener alternative to the usual products sold today. Corn plastic is one of the most commonly used bioplastics today. Over time, it can decompose into smaller molecules of starch and cellulose.
If you want to use green promotional lanyards for your campaign, read through the product description of your target item and check if it contains any of the ingredients mentioned above. You can also search the product catalog and key in search phrases such as “eco-friendly lanyards” or “environmental friendly lanyards” to find the most ideal items you can choose from.

Who can check earth-friendly products?

Ever wonder who oversees companies that sell green products? Besides checking the criteria above, you should also be wary of greenwashing. Business News Daily defines it as the act of falsely claiming to use "green" or eco-friendly items through marketing and advertising campaigns to boost sales.
Thousands of companies these days are guilty of greenwashing. It’s mostly because consumers tend to favor businesses that provide green options. In fact, customers don’t mind paying more for an item as long as it’s labeled as eco-friendly.
Fortunately, there are regulating bodies that certify environmentally friendly promotional items. Some examples of certification guidelines and programs are listed below.
  • Environmental Protection Agency - The EPA is an American government agency in charge of protecting environmental and human health. They regulate the processes done in the manufacturing industry, enforce regulations and set sanctions and fines.
  • Safer Choice - It is a certification program that provides customers useful insights on which products in the market work and poses no health or environmental threat or risks.
  • Green Business Bureau - Businesses engaged in providing green products or services are encouraged to apply for a GBB certification. The application entails a series of steps including completing an assessment and reviewing the recommendations.
  • Fair Trade USA Certified - Businesses that receive the Fair Trade Certification makes use of effective trade practices in running the day to day operations.
  • WasteWise - It is a certification that recognizes organizations and businesses that make use of effective waste reduction methods. Accredited companies or groups enjoy benefits such as cheaper waste disposal fees.
  • Quality Certification Alliance - It is a regulating body that determines whether a promotional item satisfies safety and quality standards.


Companies who want to get certification need to send their application online. Depending on the policies of the regulating body, they may need to schedule for initial assessment, pay testing fees and adhere to a list of regulations or policies. You can find these certifications posted mostly on the about us page of a manufacturer. Alternatively, you can inquire about it through the contact form.
In addition to the agencies and programs above, the Federal Trade Commission of America also provides regulations and guidelines for consumer protection. The agency aims to protect customers from companies that use greenwashing or false advertising. If you feel like a company is using greenwashing to gain customers and boost their revenue, you can submit a report to FTC.
Take note of the characteristics of eco-friendly items enumerated above as well as the information on the regulating bodies and certifications. Use these as your guide when shopping for a green promotional item such as lanyards.
The more information you know about your chosen lanyards supplier, the better! Don't hesitate to reach out to our team for queries on safety certifications or our earth-friendly lanyards.

Why use eco-friendly lanyards?

Environmentally friendly lanyards tend to cost more compared to the usual products sold today. Nevertheless, thousands of companies don't mind spending a bit more to help save the environment. If you're not too sure about using eco-friendly straps, below are some factors you should consider:
  • Earth-friendly straps allow customers and staff to promote awareness of the global garbage problem.
  • It helps you build an image as a company that cares for the betterment of the world.
  • You get to encourage more people to support your cause.
  • You get to incentivize your staff or customers to support the green movement.
  • It puts a pressure on other companies to join and switch to better and more sustainable promotional items.


Ready to invest in better and greener promotional trinkets for your campaigns or movements? is here to lend you a hand!

Affordable eco-friendly lanyards

Whether you need lanyards for a special event, fundraiser or a promotional campaign, we have plenty of options for you? Shop eco-friendly promotional lanyards at an affordable price here at
You can choose from a variety of colors, designs, and styles. There are plenty of attachments and add-on items that you can use to customize your orders too! You can custom imprint your logo or artwork on your chosen lanyard without spending too much.
Also, we guarantee a hassle-free process when you start personalizing your chosen item. Simply fill out the order form, upload your design, choose your customization options, and submit the payment. We will show you the mock-ups before we start the printing process.
At CustomLanyards4All, you get to replicate your design via silkscreen printing, weaving, or dye sublimation. Depending on the package you selected, we can have your lanyards mass-produced within five to eight days.
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