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Custom ID products

Custom ID Products for Events and Promotional Purposes

Companies continue to make use of promotional giveaways such as custom ID products. This is all thanks to the affordable manufacturing costs and usability of promo items. These can serve a long list of purposes depending on how you integrate them into your marketing plan. For example, you can use personalized ID items for events management or employee identification.

If you plan on using customized ID products, you need to determine which item will work best for your brand. Learn more about the different items you can personalize as you go through the rest of the post.


PVC ID Cards


ID cards are essential to every business operation. With proper identification cards, it's easier for businesses to distinguish customers from office workers. IDs are also needed to reinforce safety and security in the workplace and increase employee accountability. ID cards also come extra handy in improving employee-customer engagements and relationships.


For those who want to host events, ID cards can be used for managing the crowd. You can also use them to limit access to certain areas of the venue.

At, you can find PVC cards in various dimensions, including:

  • 3 x 2 inches

  • 4 x 2 inches

  • 5 x 3 inches

  • 6 x 4 inches

  • 5.5 x 3.5 inches

Polyvinyl chloride or PVC is known for its durability. A typical ID card made from PVC can last up to two years.


Custom imprinted badge holders


Badge holders are also among the most common custom ID products used by brands and businesses. Custom badge holders are excellent in protecting ID cards from damage. The vinyl material can reduce fading due to sunlight exposure. They also come handy if your ID card doesn't come with a slot for lanyard attachment such as bulldog clips and J-hooks.


Usually, companies select blank badge holders but you can explore other options such as the printed ones. Printed badge holders provide you with additional customization options. These are perfect especially if you want to use color-coded ID holders.


Personalized lanyards


Personalized lanyards are usually paired with badge holders and PVC cards. They serve as straps for custom ID products so people can wear them around their necks. Companies mostly use lanyards for employee IDs. However, there are those who specifically create a batch of lanyards for promotional purposes or as giveaways for special company events.


At Custom Lanyards 4 All, we offer lanyards made from either nylon or polyester. We also offer them in various widths and styles. To imprint a design, we can either use dye-sublimation printers or silkscreen mesh.


Silicone gel bands


Silicone wristbands aren't your usual personalized ID products. They don't necessarily include an ID picture, but you can use them to differentiate guests between your employees. You can use a specific color, style or band thickness to create varying looks.


Here are the silicone wristband variations that we offer in our shop:

  • Segmented wristband

  • Color-filled wristband

  • Embosses wristband

  • Glow-in-the-dark wristband

  • Dual-layered wristband

  • Debossed wristband

  • Printed wristband

  • Swirl wristband

If you're not a huge fan of the silicone's rubbery texture then you can opt for fabric wristbands instead. You can imprint your logo on the fabric using dye-sublimation method. This way you get to create vibrantly colored designs for your promotions or events.


Custom badge reels


Retractable badge reels are useful for a long list of professionals. For starters, healthcare workers such as pharmacists, medical technologists, nurses, and physicians often carry their IDs and keys using badge reels. Unlike the typical lanyard straps, badge reels can secure key cards, IDs and other small items inside the bag or perhaps the hidden pocket of a blazer or jacket.


Personalized name badges


No list of customized ID products will fail to include name badges. These are essential identification items used by service-based businesses. Typically plastic or metal badges contain the nickname and position of the employee. The badge also features the logo or name of the business.

We can imprint your design on your selected badge via laser engraving. This way the letters and shape effortlessly stand out. Our name badges come in various dimensions. You also get to decide which type of back accessories to use. Currently, Custom Lanyards 4 All offers three options, namely premium pins, standard pins, and swivel bulldog clips.


How to create custom ID products


Now that you have a bit of background in the available ID products, it will be easier to determine which ones to use for your needs. Your next priority is to learn how you can customize your chosen product. This way, you get to deliver a clear and concise message to your target audience.


Below are some useful tips you can use when conceptualizing the design to use:

  • Take into consideration your brand - What colors do you associate with your brand? List at least three colors and use them as your guide when choosing the colors for the shapes and text.

  • Check the product dimension - This step is very important most especially if you will use the dye-sublimation method to print your logo. This will help you avoid ending up with pixelated images.

  • Think about your long-term marketing goals - With a clear outline of your promotional goals, you can create a design that makes sense for your business and appeals to your dream clients.

  • Research about your market - This way, the design you create resonates with the people you want to turn into your loyal customers.

Take note of these simple guidelines when creating the artwork to use. If you are totally clueless or if you lack the necessary skills to create the design, go ahead and hire a pro to help you. You can also consult with our team.


Shop customized ID products today!


Custom ID products come in all shapes, styles, and sizes. If you are looking for an ideal item to use for your business, events or promotional needs, we can help you. has an assortment of items ready for customization. All our items are available for a super affordable price.


You can even enjoy bigger discounts if you buy in large volumes. We can have the items customized within 5 to 8 days depending on the package you selected. Which of the ID products we enumerated above would you like to personalize?