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15 Most Effective Promotional Products That Won’t Cost More than a Dollar


Promotional products like customized lanyards and ceramic mugs still play a huge role in marketing a business today. With such simple items, you can expose your brand repeatedly to potential customers. The more they see your logo and slogan, the better they remember your brand. With the most effective promotional products on hand, you can build your credibility and reputation as a company and convert your leads into profitable transactions.
However, due to the influx of companies that offer corporate giveaways, it can be a bit challenging to look at every option available. It becomes even more overwhelming when you need to select a product that’s both cost-effective and unique. At the end of the day, you must choose a product that can help you fulfill your campaign goals. The item you pick should offer value to the consumers in order for them to associate positive emotions towards your brand.

Most effective promo products for small marketing budgets

For a small company with a limited marketing and promotional budget, you might think that it’s impossible to afford high-quality items. You might even think that you'll end up using promotional giveaways that people would throw away after some time. 
This won't be the case when you shop for corporate swag items here at Custom Lanyards 4 All. With our budget-friendly deals, you can surely build your brand and reach out to your customers. We gathered the top 15 most effective promotional products under $1 that you can use for your campaign.


Wristbands have been around for quite a while. According to, silicone wristbands come quite handy in raising awareness because a lot of people show interest in them. Over the years, gel bands are seen as a common tool used by charitable organizations as well as large brands to grab the attention of their audience and to encourage them to take action. For less than a dollar per customized wristband, you can also get more people to talk about your brand.



Custom imprinted pens are perhaps the most common promo giveaway used in various industries. This is because they’re super cheap and yet highly effective in promoting a business. Despite their tiny size, you can use them to share crucial information about your business such as your contact details. Additionally, pens get passed on from one person to another in a relatively short time frame. Hence, they can help you reach more people even with a limited budget.



Lanyards can serve as an excellent canvas for your brand message and logo. These are made from durable materials such as polyester and nylon fibers so you’re assured that they can last for a long time. Their sheen and vibrant colors will also stay the same even when your customers regularly use them. 
You can use customized lanyards as souvenir items when you host parties, attend conventions and team building activities. You may also use it as ID straps for your employees’ name badges. Customers can even use your personalized neck lanyards to carry their keys, action camera and all sorts of other lightweight valuables.
These are available in a variety of colors and thicknesses so you can customize them according to your preference. Besides the color and lanyard size, you can also determine what type of attachment to use. If you want your customers to get more out of your custom lanyards, you can add attachments such as keyrings or swivel clips.

Woven and sublimated patches

Woven and sublimated patches are making a huge comeback! They first gained popularity back in the 60s but have recently resurfaced in the fashion industry thanks to IG influencers, as well as widely recognized fashion houses. Customized patches tend to attract the attention of people wherever they go. 
If you hand these out to your employees, they can sew it on their backpacks, lunch bags or even their favorite denim jacket. As a result, your dream clients will see it when your employees walk in the park, hang out in a coffee shop or even when they board a plane. This simple item alone can pique the interest of your target customers. They’d probably look you up online to know more about your brand. 

Stadium cups

The disposable cup is one of the many single-use plastic materials that end up in the oceans. And it’s no secret that the planet is struggling with the crazy amount of plastic waste generated every month. As a responsible brand, you should take part in solving the problem. One way you can do this is by handing out eco-friendly company swag items such as customized stadium cups
Your staff or customers can use stadium cups bearing your company logo and tagline while they watch their favorite football or basketball game. It’s a fantastic way to grab the attention of people and to save the environment.

Letter openers

Customized letter openers are widely known office desk staples. Even with the growing preference for digital communication platforms such as email and online messaging services, a lot of people still need to open letters from time to time. 
For less than a dollar, you can display essential business information like telephone numbers and website URLs to people working in the office. You can think of them as an innovative, unique and useful business card that you hand out to people during trade shows, seminars or conferences. With the value that it provides to your potential clients, you can certainly leave a lasting impression. 

Plastic sports bottles

Besides plastic cups, disposable bottles also crowd landfills and pollute bodies of water all around the globe. The latest statistics say that at least 38 million single-use plastic bottle gets dumped in US landfills alone. Without intervention, this number can increase even more in the next couple of years.
Your brand can contribute to reducing the volume of plastic bottles thrown in the dump with recyclable water bottles. Here at, we have colorful and durable plastic sports bottles that can contain up to 28 oz of fluids. Your employees and clients will find these useful when they go on trips, cycling adventures, and other types of activities. They can also bring your branded sports bottles when they go to their respective workplaces.

Badge reels

Badge holders are useful for your employees. They can use their retractable badge reels to hold their IDs or security passes when they go to the office. Besides access cards, badge reels can also be used to attach other items such as apartment keys and pocket knives.
Besides using custom imprinted badge reels for your employee IDs, you can also give them as event giveaways to students and working professionals. We offer colorful round badge reels for less than a dollar each. You can customize them with your brand logo or event artwork.

Memo holder clips

Having a few memo holder clips in the office is essential especially if when organizing documents or memos. Without them, one might lose important details needed to complete a task or project. This is why personalized memo clip is one of the most effective promotional products in the market. Professionals use them all the time while they work. 
Some even tend to pass on clipped documents from one person to another especially when working on a group task. As a result, more people get to see the branded memo clip. 
As a brand, you should take advantage of such situations. If you want to target people working in corporate offices such as marketing agencies or banks, you can custom imprint your logo on memo holder magnetic clips. We have two magnetic memo clips available for less than a dollar. One is the 3.25 x 1.25 inches magnetic memo clips which you can use to organize a few pages of documents. The other option is a 2” memo clip, perfect for holding a thick stack of papers.

PVC keychains

PVC chains are among the most in-demand promotional items used today. The Delta Marketing Group explains that the promotional keychain’s success can be attributed to the fact that it’s uber cheap to make and people actually love receiving them. If you would also like to use keychains as your business giveaway item, you can try customizing a 1” 2D PVC keychain. We can imprint your logo or design on your chosen PVC keychain for less than a dollar.


Custom imprinted highlighters are pretty impressive when it comes to introducing your brand to potential customers. These are not only economical but also fairly easy to bring along especially when you attend conventions or other events. 
Here at Custom Lanyards 4 All, you can shop for gel highlighters for as low as $0.58 each. If you fancy customizing something more interesting than a single-color highlighting pen, you can try our triangular highlighter which features three vibrant colors.


Thousands of businesses love giving away desktop promotional products such as 6” and 12” rulers. This is because people use them quite frequently when they work. Rulers are handy when creating sketches, cutting straight lines and measuring certain items. They also work quite well in sharing information about your business. Imprint your logo on your chosen ruler. We offer rulers in a variety of bright colors.

Non-woven gift bags

Non-woven gift bags are no doubt one of the best and the most effective promotional products you can get your hands on today. This is mostly because of its numerous practical uses. People who receive your customized non-woven totes can use the bags when they go shopping. They can also use it to pack personal necessities when visiting the beach or visiting other places.
Thanks to the versatility of the product, you can gain more attention for the brand. Hundreds to thousands of potential consumers will most likely see your logo when they come across the bag. Aside from that, you get to discourage people from using disposable plastic bags. Each non-woven tote bag we sell is 100 percent recyclable. Your customers can use them until the fabric starts to wear out.

Fabric wristbands

Custom printed fabric wristbands are mostly used as souvenir items for events such as parties, baptismal celebrations, and team-building activities. Some event organizers make use of this item to manage their guests and limit access to certain areas of the venue. No matter how you want to use fabric wristbands, you will certainly impress anyone who receives them. 
We can help you customize the item with your logo or perhaps the artwork you created to promote the event. We use silkscreen or dye sublimation methods to imprint the design on your chosen fabric wristband.

Frosted candle holder 

The last item on the list is the frosted candle holder. Among the different glassware items we offer, this is by far the cheapest choice. Even so, they still make an elegant and classy souvenir item. 
You can send these to your customers during the holiday season. If you’re engaged selling healthcare products or if you provide spa services or yoga classes, then this might just be the perfect giveaway you can give to your customers. They can use it as a personalized decor in their offices or homes. Additionally, they can use it to hold scented candles.

Shop the most effective promotional products today!

Promotional products are quite handy when reaching out to potential customers. This is because compared to traditional ads and marketing materials, they get to be integrated into the daily lives of a customer. For example, if you hand them ceramic mugs for your latest promotion, your target clients will most likely use the mug every day for their tea or coffee. As a result, you get to expose your brand to more people. It’s also possible for you to convert these people into paying customers.
If you haven’t tried using promotional goodies yet,  now is the most ideal time to experiment. Find a customized giveaway product that fits your budget! Custom Lanyards 4 All has a wide range of affordable and easy to customize items that so you can readily include in your annual marketing campaign. 
Which of the items listed as the most effective promotional products are your top picks? Let us know! If you’re ready to customize a product, just head over to our shop. We have hundreds of budget-friendly customized products.