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Carbineer Badge Reels

Badge Reels are becoming more and more popular with companies all over the world. They are being used for everything from security to creating a uniform appearance.
When companies are selecting their reels they will need to choose the clasp. One of the most popular choices of options is the carbineer.
Carbineers are normally a “D” shaped closed figure. To operate a person has to press in one side of the clasp. Once released, the clasp will automatically close. Another perk to this clasp is the fact that it is extremely easy to open and close. This means that if a child is going to be wearing or using the reel they will be able to operate it very easily. However, this does mean that it can pop unexpectedly.
There is another kind of carbineer which has a twist or spin option. This carbineer is opened by spinning a section of the clasp. It works like a screw. To close this attachment a person has to spin the piece in reverse. This kind of clasp has both positive and negative points. It is more secure than the standard carbineer. It will not spring open if it is accidently pressed. However, in cold weather or if the clasp is particularly small they can be hard to open.
These attachments can come in an extremely wide range of sizes. They can be tiny clasps that could be used on jewelry or they could be more than a foot in size.
These attachments are made out of many different materials. Among the most common materials are metals and plastics. Carbineers which re made out of metal are often coated with special liquids. These liquids often help to reduce the chance of rust.
One of the really great things about the carbineer is the fact that it can often hold more than a single item. In fact if a two inch carbineer is use a person can put more than ten keys on a single clasp.
By placing a carbineer on the reel the company will then have the option of adding other attachments. For example the carbineer can hold a slide key ring and an attachment that will hold ID cards. ID card holders might include bull clips or alligators clasps. Alternatively, a company could slide a wallet holder onto the carbineer along with a pen holder. As an added bonus these units are very hardy and can carry heavy items like refillable sports bottles.
The carbineer is an extremely versatile attachment which is also reasonably priced companies who are interested in this product should know that they can often be obtained at a bulk price.. These attachments can make anyone life easier.