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Blank Lanyards - Many Colors & Attachment Options

Here at we have a large selection of blank lanyards. We offer top quality materials with many different options including colors, fabrics and attachments. Furthermore, all of our products come with a lowest price guarantee. Give us a try and we are sure you will find that our lanyards are the best deal for your money on the net. 
Blank Lanyards - Many Advantages
Ordering blank lanyards can make a very real difference to any company or group. Lanyards which are a single color or plain can be used with attachment or clasp. An unadorned cord cannot be traced back to the owner nor can it be tracked back to a company. For security reasons, many companies and individuals prefer to have plain lanyards. Furthermore, basic cords can be used for many different purposes and individuals.
One of the most common reasons that people go out and a buy a lanyard is to have a place to keep their keys or their swipe card. In many cases, if you do lose the card or keys, you do not want to have anything on the lanyard that could possibly tie them back to you. If you lose your house keys, you never want to give anyone the idea that they may belong to you.
You might not think that a lot can be learned from a simple customized cord, but consider the information that a person may gain knowledge of. If you live in a small community where everybody cheers for a certain team, and you are the odd man out, simply having a lanyard with the name and colors of your team may stand out. In a rural area if you are the only person who has a certain breed of the dog, and your lanyard is decorated with pictures of the breed; this would be a dead giveaway that the keys were yours. A person finding the cord may instantly know who owns the keys.
Blank Lanyards Are a Practical Choice For Many Situations
Another consideration is the place where an individual works. The last thing that a bank wants to do is advertise the fact that certain keys belong to them. If a set of keys on a customized cord went missing in a parking lot or in a restaurant, the bank is not going to want the finder of the keys to know that they belong to the bank or one of its employees. The other great thing about plain lanyards is that they can be used repeatedly and for any number of different things. If a school puts the football logo on the lanyard, they are basically saying that all the lanyards belong to the football team. The person wearing the lanyard must be in some way connected to the team.
Alternatively, a school can choose to pass out blank lanyards and any number of different squads or teams can benefit from them. This also means that the clip can be altered and the cord itself can be re-issued to serve a completely new function. If the school decides to use the lanyards one week for holding music sheets, it can gather them all in at the end of practice and then hand them back out to the gymnastics' squad the following week. These same cords could then be used to aid teacher who are planning a field trip.


There are many times when you will need to have an item right at hand, but you do not want to have the cord display any kind of identifiable marker. Unadorned or blank cords can be re-used by any organization or individual. If anonymity is your goal, then you really should consider the advantage to obtaining blank lanyards.