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Blank Badge Reels Holders


Badge Reels

Why do you need a badge reel?
If you own a small business there are countless reasons to buy badge reels for your company.
Professional Appearance
As a means of increasing security many companies are requesting that all of their employees wear their ID cards while they are on duty. This is a great practice but if everyone wears their ID cards in different ways and places it creates a chaotic look. However, if everyone is wearing the same kind of reel, they will all appear uniform.
Customer Perspective
When customers enter your establishment, they may not know who is a member of your company. Therefore, you as the owner have to provide your customers with some kind of fast way to identify your employees. The reel can do this very effectively and it does it in an extremely inexpensive way.
If you own a company where people in your employ have to do some of their work off site a reel is a great way to reassure them. An ID card on a reel provides a fast way for people to know who the person at their door is. Additionally, the ID card can have the name of the company in case the home owner wants further assurance.
If you are asking your staff to wear ID cards you should also ask them to wear reels. This small gadget is an item that can be worn by anyone. It is not gender specific the age of the person does not matter. It is also a product that can be used by individuals regardless of their size.
This gadget is also safe to use around almost every type of equipment. And, with a really good attachment these items will not damage a person’s clothing. They can be worn with the finest suit or silk blouse. Furthermore, reels can be combines with almost any kind of uniform.
On Premise Security
ID cards are a great way to increase the security within your building. You can further increase your efforts by issuing color coded reels to all of your staff. The color of the reel can indicate a person’s position within the company. For example, people who do installations could have a yellow reel whereas those who worked in sales could have a red one. The colors could also be used to indicate a person access level. In this instance a person who has a blue reel would be permitted to go anywhere within the building whereas those with yellow might not be permitted into labs. This can also apply to the use of particular pieces of equipment.


As a company owner you are going to be concerned with everything from security to customer satisfaction. However, the badge reel can aid with many aspects of your business with placing a large strain on your budget.