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Badge Lanyards - Perfect For ID

Not only do we offer top quality materials for all of our badge lanyards, we also have a large selection of badge holder and ID attachments for all your ID needs. With a lowest price guarantee, no setup fees and free delivery, you can be certain that you be getting the lowest prices online. Give us a try and we are sure you will find that you'll be able to find your exact ID requirements without spending a lot of money.
Badge Holder Lanyards
If you or the company you work for is thinking about obtaining badge lanyards for your business, there are a few decisions that you will have to make.
One of the first things that you will have to select is the style of the cord. You may want to have the name of your business on the cord. If this is the case, you should consider a flat nylon cord. You can have it dyed or created in a variety of ways. If your design is going to be fairly simple, a woven lanyard might be perfect. This item is sewn or embroidered rather than dyed. However, if you plan to have a lot of details and colors, your best choice might be the full color.
Many companies have their own ID cards. In fact, some businesses are able to make the cards right on site. If this is your situation, you will need to make certain that the badge holder lanyards will be both the right shape and size. You will also need to take orientation into account. Some businesses have horizontal IDs whereas others have vertical ones. Badge holders can also accommodate two-part IDs. Before you place your order make certain that you will get the right holder by carefully measuring the card.
Badge Lanyards Customization
Badge holder lanyards can be customized. You can have the name and logo of the company printed directly onto the strap. Furthermore, if you decide to use a beaded cord rather than one that is fabric, you can have the name of the business printed onto the holder itself. Alternatively, you can get color coded holders. These offer a great system whereby one can instantly recognize the area that a person works within. For example, cleaning staff would have one designated color and clerks would have another.
When you are creating and selecting your product, think about how the person will want to attach and use the holder. Companies that choose to encode their employee's ID cards with security information often select badge reel lanyards which feature a retractable reel. The reel itself can be customized in two ways. You can have the name of the business printed on the reel, or you can get a sticker option. Another choice is the snap buckle. This option allows you to detach the lower section. The wearer can leave the main portion of the cord around their neck and simply remove the holder.
When you are making your choices, you might want to think about which kind of holder will best protect the person's ID. A rigid ID holder will ensure that a person's identification will not get bent or cracked. However, the soft wallet option will permit staff to carry other things in the wallet at the same time. This option is a great one for employees who may want to carry business cards with them wherever they go.
Badge lanyards are a great way for any business to increase their security. Additionally, ID holder lanyards offer an inexpensive and convenient advertising technique.