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Badge holders for teachers

Shopping Guide for Lanyards and Badge Holders for Teachers

A lot of professionals use lanyards and badge holders. These are crucial items especially to those who need to have some form of identification with them while they are at work. Teachers are a fine example of such workers. With distinctly designed lanyards and badge holders for teachers, school officials or administrators can easily distinguish between a teacher or a student. The same can be said for students who need a teacher's assistance.

With the beginning of the classes approaching in a few months, it's highly recommended to start preparing for your new batches of lanyards or badge holders for your educators. To help you find items that suit your budget and needs, we created a short shopping guide for you.

Learn more about the different types of lanyards, badge holder options, and customization methods as you read on.


Types of lanyards


Lanyards serve as straps for ID cards and badge holders. These can be made from different materials such as nylon and polyester. Both synthetic types of fibers are built to last for at least a year. They are also manufactured in different colors including royal blue, gold, hot pink and dark grey. Here at Custom Lanyards 4 All, we also offer lanyards made from satin ribbon.

This type is strongly characterized by its glossy surface on the top portion of the strap and matte texture on the flip side. Also, it has a different weaving style which tends to reflect light better compared to polyester and nylon straps.

Besides the type of material used, lanyards are also classified according to their style and thickness. If you want to imprint a large logo on the fabric, then we highly recommend using the flat type of lanyards. These types are available in widths ranging from 5/8 inch to 1 inch.

If you want a more robust strap, you can opt for either woven or tube lanyards for teachers. The weaving pattern used on both types slightly differs from the flat type which gives you a stronger and more long-lasting material. This way your teachers can use it to carry other items with them such as flashdrives and even keys to their lockers or desk drawers.


Customization options for teachers lanyards


Now that you have a bit of background on the types of lanyards, your next priority is to determine which printing method to use. We can custom imprint school logos and other designs on lanyard straps using either of the two methods:


Silkscreen printing

If you want to personalize the straps with a simple design that only features one to two colors, then the silkscreen method is a perfect choice. This method involves replicating a design onto a silkscreen mesh to create the template.

We then place the mesh on top of the pre-cut lanyard fabric and apply the chosen paint colors using a squeegee. Once that's done we let the paint dry before we start assembling the strap's accessories such as the buckle release clips, swivel rings or bulldog clips.

Our team can mass produce up to 5000 lanyards in one go using the silkscreen printing method. It's a straightforward process that usually costs less compared to the other customization method.


Dye sublimation

Dye-sublimation printing was introduced sometime in 1957. It's a digital printing method that uses a special piece of equipment that transforms solid dye into gas form. The sublimation process disperses the dye and transfers the design on the surface of the lanyard fabric.

While it's relatively more expensive compared to silkscreen printing, it does produce brightly colored designs. It's an ideal choice if you want to produce lanyards with distinct prints for different teaching departments. If you want unique ID straps for pre-school or grade-school teachers then you should pick the dye-sublimation lanyards.

You can feature as many colors as you want in your lanyard design. Our printers can replicate your uploaded artwork to as many lanyard straps as you need.


Accessories and safety attachments

So far, which printing method and type of lanyard do you want to use to create straps for custom badge holders? Take note of the best choice for your educators. Aside from that, you should also think about the accessories or safety attachments that you will add to the straps.

We have an extensive selection of lanyard accessories including j-hooks, bulldog clips, swivel clips, and keyrings. When selecting the type of accessory to use consider its functionality. How will the teachers use the accessory? Can they use the lanyard to carry items other than their identification cards?

Lastly, you also consider including extra features such as safety breakaway clips and buckle release attachment. Such safety accessories are extra useful especially among teachers who teach and supervise younger kids.

With all the information provided about lanyards, we hope you can find one that best suits the needs of your teachers.

Aside from lanyards, you may also need to buy badge holders for the ID cards. The next section would explain what you should look into before you shop.


Buying badge holders for teachers


Buying badge holders is not as complicated as shopping for lanyard straps. That's because badge holders are mostly made from the same material, clear plastic vinyl. The only differences that you may notice with the badge holders we sell are the size, orientation, and texture. Here are some examples of our badge holders:

  • 3.5" x 2.25" horizontal badge holder

  • 3" x 4" vertical badge holder

  • 4" x 3" zip lock horizontal badge holder

  • 2.25" x 3.5" hard plastic vertical badge holder


Blank vs Printed Badge Holders


Aside from the factors mentioned above, you also need to consider whether to use blank or printed ones. If you explore both options, you will find more product variations in the black category. You get to select from various sizes and types of texture.

The printed category, on one hand, only features three product variations namely:

  • Color coded ID holders - Perfect if you would like to designate specific colors for each department or subject expertise. It's specially created to fit horizontal ID cards.

  • Vertical ID holders - If you want to use an imprinted badge holder for a standard vertical identification card, this is the right option for you. The ID holder measures 3” x 4” and has a soft and pliable texture.

  • Horizontal ID holders - Although vertical IDs are more commonly used in schools, some institutions choose to use horizontal ones. If your school makes use of such a type of ID, you can pick the horizontal badge holder.


Designing lanyards and badge holders


Now that you know the basic things about badge holders and lanyards for teachers, it will be easier to narrow down your options. Once you decide which product to use, you can start thinking of your design concept.

To do this, you should look at the product color and the colors you wish to use on the prints. Do you want to use a specific color based on the school's logo and design? Does the color combination make sense? Will it help people easily understand the text or design you use? How about the size of the product? How small or large do you need the designs to be?

Moreover, you also need to consider font types you will use. How many colors do you want to feature on the strap or badge holder? Will the colors you select go well with the product color? How about the type of font? Is there a specific font type you want to use? How big should the letters appear on the material?

Besides the artwork you want to replicate on the material, you should also take into consideration the strap's width. For example, if you want your teachers to use tube lanyards, be sure to upload a design that can fit the width of the straps. Focus on using simple logos and texts to create a clean and easy to recognize design.

If you are having a hard time figuring out how to personalize the straps or ID holders, you can send us a message. We have creatives standing by to help customers like you. You can also hire a professional graphics designer to lend you a hand. Make sure to provide the product specifications to the person you will hire so he/she can create an appropriate design. This will ensure that you end up with high quality products.


Customizing lanyards and badge holders for teachers made super easy!


Need to customize your lanyards or badge holders for teachers? Custom Lanyards 4 All offers plenty of options for you. Once you select an item to customize, we can have your order mass-produced within 5 to 8 days depending on the package you select.

At our shop, you get to customize lanyards and badge holders any way you like - from the size, design colors to use and even add-on items. With our team's help you can create lanyards and badge holders that resonate with your school's branding and provide the best value to your teaching staff and other essential personnel.