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Badge holders for nurses

Badge Holders for Nurses and Other Customized Items You See in Hospitals

Customized items are used in various settings including hospitals. These come in handy especially in promoting brand awareness and even promoting unity among the staff members. You have probably seen at least four kinds of personalized items used in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities. These include badge holders for nurses,ID lanyards, custom printed pens, and personalized journals.

Aside from these products, you can find plenty of other products you'd find in hospitals. These items might become useful to your business if you are looking for ways to provide more value to your customers or gain more brand mileage. For those who run hospitals or clinics, customized items may help you establish your identity as a healthcare provider. Learn more about these customized products in the list below.


Name badges


It's incredibly important for essential hospital personnel to have a form of identification with them at all times. This helps people such as patients and visitors to find the people they need as quickly as possible. This is where items such as name badge come in.

Name badges are typically made from plastic or metal. They come with optional accessories such as swivel clips or pins. Name badges usually contain the hospital's name and logo plus the staff's name or nickname and position.


PVC ID cards


Some hospitals make use of other identification items such as PVC cards. Compared to custom printed badges, PVC ID cards are far cheaper to manufacture. However, if a hospital chooses to use PVC cards, they need to invest in either badge holders or lanyards. This way nurses, caregivers, and other hospital workers don't need to keep their ID inside their pockets, bags or wallets. They can just carry them around their necks using the ID straps and holders.


Badge holders


A large number of hospitals and healthcare centers make use of badge holders for the staff ID. These badge holders and other professionals come extra handy because they protect the ID card from wearing out or fading too quickly. These simple ID products also protect the print so they don't get scratched or damaged.


Personalized lanyards


Lanyard straps are also must-have items for hospitals that use PVC ID cards. The straps can either be directly attached to the PVC cards or to the badge holders for nurses and other workers. Customized lanyards are made from durable materials such as nylon and polyester. They also differ in width and thickness. At Custom Lanyards 4 All, you get to choose from straps ranging from 5/8 to 1 inch wide. You also get to select which type of accessories to attach on the strap. Some examples of attachments we offer include swivel clips, key rings, and J-hooks.


Badge reels


Some hospitals make use of retractable badge reels for their staff ID cards. These items are available in various colors, shapes, and designs, perfect for companies that want to stay consistent with their branding. They can extend by up to 26 inches. Furthermore, most badge reels can be pulled by at least 100,000 times. Badge reels are among the most cost-effective items to use because aside from holding IDs, they can also double as key cardholders. They can also be used to carry all sorts of small and lightweight valuables.


Customized journals/notebooks


Aside from ID products such as those enumerated above, hospitals also make use of other custom imprinted products such as journals or notebooks. These come extra useful for nurses especially in taking note of important information such as physician's instruction, patient information shift schedule and days off. Other professionals such as physicians, pharmacists, and medical technologists also have personalized notebooks in their bags or desks to organize medical info.


Personalized pens


Promotional pens are among the most frequently used giveaway items by companies such as hospitals. These items are incredibly cheap to manufacture. They are also quite effective in spreading awareness for brands because people use them every day. In medical facilities, workers need pens to take note of various essential info.

Here at our shop, companies get to customize hundreds to thousands of pens. The ink pens we have in the shop include ballpoint pens, stick pens, and grip pens. We can imprint company logos on the pen's surface via silkscreen printing method.


Custom imprinted mousepads


Mousepads aren't only staples in corporate offices. These are also used in hospital reception desks, physician's offices and even inside laboratories. Companies who are looking to expand their reach and connecting with more customers in the medical industry should definitely consider including imprinted mousepads. Even hospitals and clinic owners can benefit from simple mouse pads. These can contain inspirational messages, educational materials, and essential contact information.


Branded drinkware


Health workers need to stay hydrated at all times especially when they have to go on long shifts. This is why branded drinkware is quite popular among doctors, nurses and other types of medical professionals. Whether you're a small brand who wants to gain more exposure or a company that wants to reward your hard-working medical professionals, a branded drinkware serves as a great promotional product.


Custom patches


Customized patches are often sewn on uniforms of medical professionals. While they aren't necessarily useful for brands who target medical professionals, these are important for those who run or manage healthcare institutions. At, you can create personalized patches for a super affordable price. You can shop for sublimated, woven or embroidered patches. Simply upload the design and our team can produce the patches for you.


Customize items with


Personalized products continue to serve as a valuable tool to market a band. This is because they serve a lot of purposes. Additionally, people actually use them in various settings. Nurses, for example, can use custom printed notebooks for their work. Some doctors make use of badge holders for their access cards. Those who work on long shifts will definitely appreciate receiving personalized drinkware such as mugs and tumblers.


If you are looking for personalized items such as badge holders for nurses, lanyards, mousepads, pens, notebooks and other items, we can help. You can customize these items today here at Custom Lanyards 4 All.