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Custom Face Shield

Protective Face Shield Disposable Safety Full Face Shields
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USA Stock Face Shield Disposable Safety Face Cover PET
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Adjustable 8.5" Youth Face Shield
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As low as : $2.21
Adjustable 9.5" Face Shield
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As low as : $3.13
Custom Shaped Fun Face Shields
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As low as : $4.73
Fun Holiday Face Shields
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As low as : $4.79
Usa Made Safety Face Shields W/ Headbands & Forehead Pad
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23.5" Economy Sneeze Guard
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As low as : $39.00
31.5"W Sneeze Guard Counter Shield
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As low as : $49.00
23.5" H X 23.5" W Counter Shield With Open Slot
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As low as : $63.00
47.5" Economy Sneeze Guard
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As low as : $65.00
23.5" X 23.5" Portable 3-Panel Desk Shield
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As low as : $65.00
23.5" H X 31.5" W Horizontal Counter Shields With Open Slot
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31.5" H X 23.5" W Vertical Counter Shields With Open Slot
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23.5"H X 31.5"W Foldable 3-Panel Desk Shield
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As low as : $99.00
23.5" H X 23.5" W 3-Panel Desk Shield
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As low as : $104.00
23.5" H X 31.5" W 2-Panel Desk Shield
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As low as : $109.00
47.5" W X 23.5" H 4-Panel Table Shield
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As low as : $165.00

Using face shields is now a part of the regular routine for many businesses across the country. In some states, workers are required to wear face covers especially indoors. Experts consider it helpful in preventing the spread of highly contagious viral diseases. Paired with face masks, it is believed that a face shield can significantly lessen the amount of respiratory droplets in the air.

Both employees and private individuals are keen on wearing this simple protective equipment to avoid contracting life-threatening diseases such as the coronavirus.

What is a face shield?

Back in the day, face shields were only limited to healthcare workers. But, nowadays, you can see all kinds of people sporting these protective covers when they dine outside or go to the groceries. Essentially, it’s used to prevent bodily fluids from getting into the eyes, nose and mouth.

It can be made from a plexiglass panel or plastic attached to a headband. In most cases, it’s worn over a face mask made from cloth or polypropylene. A study published back in 2014 proved the effectiveness of face shield in reducing exposure to infectious airborne particles.

Proper use of face shield

When using personal protective equipment such as face shields, it’s important to know the do’s and don’ts. Failure to do so will defeat its purpose of protecting you from dangerous pathogens. Here are some important things to remember when using or wearing a protective plastic face cover:

  • Don’t use face shields as a substitute for face masks.
  • If you will reuse the shield, make sure to sanitize it as frequently as you can.
  • Inspect the materials for any cracks or scratches. If you see damage, replace it with a new one.
  • Avoid putting face shields on children, especially infants.
  • Avoid touching the exposed portion of the shield especially before sanitizing it.
  • Never push the shield up especially when you’re indoors talking to people.
  • Make sure to position the mask properly so it can provide you with maximum protection.

If in case you start suffering from neck pains while using the shield, you can try adjusting the strap or handle. See to it that it’s placed on your face comfortably so you don’t have a hard time while wearing it. If possible, you can also adjust its placement so it sits closer to your face. This way, its weight doesn’t put a strain on your neck.

Need custom printed face shields for your business?

Plenty of businesses all over the US are now including plastic face shields into their employees’ official uniform. It’s also an integral part of a medical worker’s personal protective equipment. Most of the time, protective face covers don’t come with any design on them. But, should you think of making yours stand out, CustomLanyads4All can help you customize.

If you need these manufactured for your shop, office, or clinics, we can help. We produce high quality face shields complete with company names and logos for an affordable price. We offer both the disposable and reusable type, perfect for any type of organization. All products are made from high quality materials to ensure that you get the best value.