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Neck Gaiters

Face Bandana mask Reusable Bandana w/ Imprint Neck Gaiter
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Polyester Neck Gaiter w/ Custom Logo Safety Face Bandana
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Kids Triangle Bandana Sublimated Safety Face Bandannas
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Multipurpose Protective Face Bandana Reusable Safety Mask
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Kids Face Bandana mask Reusable Tube w/ Full color custom
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Reusable Face Bandana w/ Custom Imprint Dust Protection Mask
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Kids 2-Layer Reusable Kids Face mask Full Color Bandana
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2-Layer Reusable Face Bandana mask Tube w/ Full Color Logo
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Full Color Face Bandana mask Reusable Tube w/ Ear Loop
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Kids Icy-Kool Neck Gaiter Reusable Summer Face Bandana Mask
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Icy-Kool Neck Gaiter Reusable Summer Face Bandana Mask
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Cooling Neck Gaiter Full Color Summer Face Bandana Mask
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A neck gaiter is simple accessory that every physically active individual needs to have in his/her bag. Primarily, it's used to protect the neck from cold temperatures, but it can also be used for other purposes. Neck gaiters or neck warmers typically have a tubular shape and can provide coverage not only around the neck but also the bottom portion of the face. It's a total must-have for those who love cycling, hiking or trekking. Even with its very simple design, it serves plenty of purposes.

Because of its versatility, it makes a unique and memorable promotional item to use. You can easily personalize them with a company logo or your artwork. Also, because neck gaiters come in a fairly small packaging, transporting and distributing them in large quantities won't be a problem.

Versatility of neck gaiters

Often times, cyclists, hikers, and trekkers don multipurpose neck gaiters. They treat it as a crucial part of their outdoor gear. When not used around the neck, they can be folded to serve as cycling headbands to shield the face from dripping sweat.

Besides outdoor enthusiasts, more and more people find neck gaiters important for every day use. Neck warmers make a lovely addition to one's outfit especially during the cold season. They can also double as face masks. Today, a lot of people make use of neck gaiters to protect themselves from contagious diseases such as the coronavirus. They wear it while cycling, dropping by the groceries, or running other kinds of errands.

When worn around the face, it can minimize inhalation of contaminated respiratory droplets. It can be worn alone or paired with personal protective equipment such as face shields or protective eyewear.

You can hand it as a promotional gift to your customers, employees, and even your loved ones. Surely, they will love donning customized neck gaiters when they go outside their homes or when they engage in physical activities.

Many designs to choose from

We at offer reusable bandanas in various shapes and sizes. We have traditional neck gaiters as well as those equipped with ear loops. We also offer small-sized bandanas, perfect for kids. Whatever style you prefer, we can readily customize it for you. Simply upload the design, select the number of items you need, and wait for the products to be delivered to your door step.

We print the artwork in full color and the designs extend to all the edges of the fabric. We use dye sublimation method so the design produced appear vibrant. At the end of the day, you receive stunning products that resonates with your brand or organization. You can hand them out to your customers, staff, families, and friends with great pride.

And you don't have to worry about the costs. We offer budget-friendly customization options. Also, you get the best value for your money because the material used is durable. The items last for a long time, so you're sure to get maximum brand mileage every time a customer or staff wear his/her customized neck warmer.

Some reminders in using neck gaiters

When distributing personalized face bandanas, you can include a note to remind your customers and staff on how to handle use them properly. This is a crucial step to minimize health risks. Here are some key reminders you can share:

  • When wearing reusable bandanas make sure it fits well around the face.
  • Before going inside the house, remove all used items such as the neck gaiters and wash them right away.
  • Wash used bandanas and the rest of the clothing you used separate from other belongings.
  • Use regular laundry detergent when washing the fabric.
  • Turn up the temperature setting of your water heater when washing the material.

Order your personalized neck gaiters

Want a trendy way to market your business and engage with your target audience? CustomLanyards4All imprint your brand logo or artwork on neck gaiters. You can choose from various styles and sizes. We also offer neck gaiters for kids, perfect if you're targeting a younger audience. Start customizing stylish neck gaiters today!