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Nowadays, wearing personal protective equipment is a must for everyone, especially for those who need to go out of their homes. The right equipment can minimize the risk of contracting highly contagious diseases and helps protect from pollution.

Besides having these items on hand, it's also crucial to wear them properly. This means, it's a must to check if the items fit well. For example, for face masks, wearers need to ensure that it provides enough coverage, especially around the nose and mouth area. Donning a lose and poorly fitting face mask is basically like wearing no protective equipment all.

Unfortunately, most of the face masks sold today are specifically designed for adults. That's why it can be very challenging for younger people to find ones that fit them properly.

Here at, you can shop for customized face masks for kids. These are tailored to fit a young child's face and are extremely comfortable. This way, the wearers won't feel irritated while walking around wearing face masks. They can be worn when going to school, engaging in outdoor activities, and hanging out. These are made from durable materials, so parents can clean them next day use.

Colorful masks designed especially for children

Kids love wearing colorful and playful looking items. Which is why, instead of having them wear simple and neutral colored face masks, you can opt for fun and colorful looking ones. We have two-layered face masks consisting of cotton, silk and Spandex. We also offer reusable bandanas that kids will surely love wearing when they go out in public. We can readily personalize any item you pick with your artwork or company logo.

Helping kids get used to wearing protective masks

For a lot of young kids, it can be very scary and strange to see a lot of people wearing face masks. Some, especially toddlers, might even find very stressful to put on masks when they go out.

To help kids feel more at ease, it's crucial for adults to carefully explain the importance of wearing protective equipment. Prepare to answer questions that kids may ask about the mask every now and then. Be sure to answer them the simplest way possible. Make sure to help them understand what could happen if they don't wear one and why they should never take it off without assistance.

Additionally, it's important to give them time to adjust and get used to the new normal. If they feel anxious, comfort them and give them reassurance. It's also helpful to be playful when preparing to go out. Laughing will allow them to relax and de-stress before they leave the house.

Some important safety reminders

While it's highly recommended to wear masks to prevent spread of diseases, there are some individuals who are not advised to wear masks. For example, those with respiratory or developmental problems are not recommended to don masks. This would only result in difficulty in breathing. It could also pose other problems.

Additionally, it's essential to remind kids not to touch their masks and to wash or sanitize their hands after removing the item. Kids should also place their reusable masks in a segregated laundry bin. Adults need to ensure that used masks don't end up mixing with other items in their house.

Get colorful personalized face masks today!

At CustomLanyards4All, we print the design on high quality kiddie face masks or kids' bandanas for an affordable price. You can personalize up anywhere between 50 to 2500 pieces per order. You can readily customize as many masks as you need for your loved ones or for your customers. Check out our product offers today!