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6/14/2018 8:55:12 AM

Best Employee Lanyard Options for Manufacturing Facilities


When you need lanyards for a manufacturing facility, breakaway lanyards work as an optimal safety measure. When any type of force is exerted onto a breakaway lanyard, it simply releases, therefore preventing harm to factory workers.

Lanyards provide an easy and efficient way to store keys and identification. When their use in a factory makes sense but you want the safest option possible to prevent accidents and minimize hazards, consider breakaway lanyards for safety.

Why Use a Safety Breakaway Lanyard?

While some other types of lanyards may work for certain occupations, safety breakaway lanyards are the standard where safety is a concern.

Safety breakaway lanyards feature a clasp designed to sit at the back of the neck that will automatically break once pressure is applied. These lanyards disconnect specifically to eliminate the risk of an accident as the result of the lanyard.

While different manufacturing facilities will have their own regulations, many dictate that a breakaway lanyard be used to avoid a worker getting pulled into or caught in a piece of machinery, cause a fall, or otherwise present a hazard.

Attachment Options for Breakaway Lanyards

Breakaway lanyards are just about as versatile as any other lanyard style when it comes to attachment options. These safety lanyards can be used with almost any type of attachment, including a keyring, J-hook, lobster claw, or bulldog clip.

Your manufacturing facility may also allow lanyards that work in conjunction with a snap buckle. This type of lanyard features a buckle that’s placed just above the clasp for easy release by the wearer simply by pinching the buckle.

Customization Features for Safety Lanyards

Safety breakaway lanyards can be customized in a variety of ways. In addition to choosing your ideal attachment, you can also choose your material—including woven, tube, polyester, and dye sublimation.

You also have the option to customize your color, even print the lanyard with your company colors or logo to be specific to your manufacturing facility. Our company offers your choice of personalized logo, fonts, and dyes to create a completely customized safety breakaway lanyard.

Our four basic attachments also come for no extra charge and if these options aren’t quite what you’re looking for, you can always customize your safety breakaway lanyard with our additional available attachment options.

Make Safety a Priority

When you need a lanyard option that’s designed to keep employees as safe as possible at all times, safety breakaway lanyards are the standard. Your employees can enjoy the ease and functionality of having a lanyard in the workplace, yet abide by safety regulations with a breakaway option.

Since these lanyards are able to be customized just as much as traditional lanyards, there’s no reason not to invest in safety for your manufacturing facility. Design your custom breakaway lanyards with us today for a great deal!