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5/11/2018 10:52:19 AM

Neck Wallet Lanyards: Are they right for your event?


Planning an event? There are many details to organize from venue to advertising to attendee materials. When thinking about what type of materials you attendees will need, there are many things to think through from name tags to schedule to ensuring they have the proper IDs visible for security.

While there are many solutions for all these details, we have seen neck wallet lanyards be a convenient and efficient solution. You may be wondering if a neck wallet lanyard is right for your event. We have a few factors to think about below that will help you determine if it’s the right decision for you.

Printed Materials

On top of the neck wallet lanyard being a multi-purpose name tag, one of the most popular reasons for people to choose neck wallet lanyards for their event centers around the type of printed material they have. Will you have multiple pieces of printed information for your guests? Will this information be imperative to ensuring the logistics of your event run smoothly? If so, a neck wallet lanyard is a great place to centrally house these materials during the event and makes preparing easier. All you have to do to make sure every attendee’s wallet is stuffed with the proper materials. We have seen customers use the wallet to hold information about speaker schedules, lodging directions, breakout groups, and more.

Complex Schedules

Having a complex schedule (as a group or for individuals) is another reason why neck wallet lanyards would be a good fit for an event. Does your event have multiple break out session in different rooms with different people? Does everyone have their own slightly different schedule? If so, having a neck wallet lanyard will not only make sure everyone has the scheduling information they need right in front of them, but also empowers your attendees to help themselves and others.

Writing Utensils

Another aspect to think about is what activities will be going on at your event. Is this a training session where people will be taking a lot of notes? Or a working group where people will be writing down brainstormed ideas and goals? Either way, it is good practice to think through what your attendees will be doing and anticipate what they might need. You can use the neck wallet lanyard to provide your attendees with writing utensils at the beginning of your event and give them a useful space to store their utensil throughout the event.


One of the least thought about, but reported benefits of using neck wallet lanyards and events is the added security. Neck wallet lanyards are easier to spot and can be used for security purposes. Whether you add an event ID in the main pocket or just ask security to stop anyone not wearing the event’s neck wallet lanyard, having these lanyards will provide an added level of security to your event.

Logo and Advertising

One of the main reasons why companies put on or sponsor events is for brand exposure and advertising. Neck wallet lanyards provide a great place for additional advertising whether it’s for your company or sponsors. And with our wide selection of printing abilities, you can ensure your logo or sponsors will make a big impact.

Thinking through every detail of your event is a big task, but your attendees will feel and appreciate the level of thoughtfulness put into every detail. Do you think neck wallet lanyards can improve your upcoming event? If you do, we’d love to talk about your vision and provide you with the best possible experience and product available. Contact us today.