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1/9/2018 4:18:25 PM

What Type of Attachment Do I Need for My Lanyards and Badges?

Purchasing custom lanyards and badges requires several decisions to be made throughout the process. From a custom design to a plain one, you not only have to determine the style and material of your lanyard, but also the attachment or clip.

Depending on what you plan on using your lanyard or badge reel for, you have many options to customize your attachment with us. We offer a range of both metal and plastic attachments to suit your style as well as your budget.

So what type of attachment is best for your new lanyards or badges? We have your options outlined here!


Lanyard Attachment Options

To ensure your lanyard will work for you, choosing the best attachment is essential. We offer the following attachments for your lanyards:

  • Keyring. The classic single ring can hold many keys while still being secure.
  • J-Hook. A simple hook; we offer this in both plastic and metal.
  • Lobster Claw. A popular attachment that’s easy to open and attach new items.
  • Bulldog Clip. A simple snap attachment that works well for IDs and is also offered in plastic.
  • Keyring with J-Hook. Combines the best of both these attachments.
  • Keyring with Bulldog Clip. Make the perfect swivel with your bulldog clip ID.
  • Heavy Duty Oval Hook. For when you need extra durability and security on the job.

Although the plastic hooks offer budget-friendly alternatives, metal may be more versatile and durable for your needs.

Badge Holders and Reels

If you’re leaning more towards a badge holder or reel, you have numerous options to perfect the function of your badge holder. We offer:

  • Retractable Badge Holders. When you want the convenience of a long chain but the comfort of a clip-on badge, retractable badge holders are the ideal solution.
  • Carabiner Badge Reels. Perfect for clipping onto your purse, briefcase, or belt loop, this badge reel is as discreet as it is convenient.
  • No-Twist Options. For retractable reels, this option enables you to rotate your badge any way you need to without the reel coming loose; it also helps keep your badge facing the direction you need it to.
  • Spring Clip. This popular option doesn’t damage clothing and can attach to practically any garment with its gentle yet secure attachment. This clasp can also hold additional hooks!
  • Slip Keyring. A keyring is versatile enough to hold keys or other attachments, including additional hooks. No-twist helps keep your badge visible at all times.

Badge holders and reels are ideal solutions for people of all professions who need to identify themselves at a moment’s notice. With the correct attachment in place, you can make your badge reel completely accessible.

Which One Is Right for You?

Whether you choose a badge reel or a lanyard, you have the option to customize your product or company name on the reel or on your lanyard. When you work with us, a custom design won’t limit you from choosing the ideal attachment for your purpose.

First, choose whether a lanyard or a badge reel would best suit your needs. Regardless of whether or not you’d like to customize your choice, you have the option of doing either. If you want more flexibility, choose a badge reel with a no-twist option. If you want a traditional lanyard, pick the hook that would best cater to your desired function.

If you’ll be frequently removing keys, badges, and other items, a lobster claw might be your best bet. If you need stability and security, a keyring could be your ideal choice. If you have any questions about what option would help you most, let’s talk!